Scroll down, find your rig, build it up, go shred.

  • Megatrail
    As the "Big Mountain Liberator, the Megatrail is built for those that shred singletrack as hard as Dave Mustaine shreds a fretboard. A versatile machine for getting after it at your local enduro race or just slaying your after-work rides.
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  • Megatrail
    Turning your local trail into your very own slopestyle track, the Megatrail SS, or simply "the SS," is ready to party. Jump, pump, and weave your way through the woods.
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  • Trail Pistol
    As the “Singletrack Flyer,” the Trail Pistol inspires the kind of fun you only experience flying through the pit of a punk rock show. The kind of reckless fun that reminds you why you started mountain biking.
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  • Pedalhead
    The Pedalhead is an adventure hardtail built for everything from crushing singletrack miles, getting rad around town, or as an all-around play bike. Custom SmashMoly tubing uses a square profile that increases lateral frame stiffness and gives the Pedalhead its unique look.
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  • GGDH
    With a suspension platform that is progressive and a frame that is laterally stiff, the GG/DH is designed to carry speed and pop off bonus lines at will. The enclosed rear triangle provides snappy cornering and rails lines better than John Belushi.
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