Scroll down, find your rig, build it up, go shred.

  • Smash
    Don’t be scared of anything that stands in your way: the punk rock spirit of Joe Strummer lives on in The Smash, the “surface-to-surface missile” that is ready to assail anything in your path.
    29" - 140 mm
    Smash knobs
  • Megatrail
    As the "Big Mountain Liberator, the Megatrail is built for those that shred singletrack as hard as Dave Mustaine shreds a fretboard. A versatile machine for getting after it at your local enduro race or just slaying your after-work rides. 27.5" - 150/165 mm
    Megatrail knobs
  • Megatrail
    Turning your local trail into your very own slopestyle track, the Shred Dogg is ready to party. Jump, pump, and weave your way through the woods. 27.5" - 135/145 mm
    Shred Dogg knobs
  • Trail Pistol
    As the “Singletrack Flyer,” the Trail Pistol inspires the kind of fun you only experience flying through the pit of a punk rock show. The kind of reckless fun that reminds you why you started mountain biking. 29"/27.5+ - 120 mm
    Trail Pistol knobs
  • Pedalhead
    The Pedalhead is an adventure hardtail built for everything from crushing singletrack miles, getting rad around town, or as an all-around play bike. Custom SmashMoly tubing uses a square profile that increases lateral frame stiffness and gives the Pedalhead its unique look. 29"/27.5+
    Pedalhead knobs
  • GGDH
    With a suspension platform that is progressive and a frame that is laterally stiff, the GG/DH is designed to carry speed and pop off bonus lines at will. The enclosed rear triangle provides snappy cornering and rails lines better than John Belushi. 27.5" - 200 mm
    GGDH knobs