Who We Are

Guerrilla: A community driven effort to spark change.

Gravity: The fun part of mountain biking.

Guerrilla Gravity is a mountain bike manufacturing company. Our mission is to make mountain biking more awesome. What does that entail? Improving trail access, increasing ridership, and of course making badass mountain bikes. Our design philosophy centers around a high level of refinement and focus on efficiency. This provides bikes that are made for goin' fast, built to last, and are easy to work on. We provide extensive customization options, from build kits to frame colors. By working with you one-on-one, you get the bike that's dialed for you.

Our frames are designed, tested, and built in-house here in Denver, Colorado. This unique holistic structure allows us to link all aspects of the process to ensure quality and take advantage of manufacturing efficiencies. We are also proud to take the lead on the reshoring movement in American manufacturing. Take a photo tour of our manufacturing process.

Who's Behind Guerrilla Gravity?

Kristy Anderson

Head of letting-you-know-bikes-are-awesome
Kristy rode and raced mountain bikes for a long time then moved to NYC and got distracted. Then she moved to Colorado and re-discovered them and was like "Whoa, these things are fun! They're so pluuush."

Geeks out on: being competitive, sales, and adventure

Matt Giaraffa

Chief Enginerd
Matt's going to make sure that you get a high performance mountain bike that you're stoked to ride for a long time. He used to design race cars and airplanes, now he's applying all that knowledge to his passion for bikes. He hates the word "plush."

Geeks out on: precision, physics equations in bike mags, and cars

Will Montague

El Presidente
Will decided to ask a few questions, "Why do companies keep making mountain biking more expensive? Why can't you get exactly the bike you want out-of-the-box? Why are so many bike companies so distanced from their riders?" Then he told Kristy and Matt about the idea and they said "Let's do it." Now we're doin' it. He doesn't understand why everyone doesn't like bikes and punk rock shows.

Geeks out on: music, traveling, and asking too many questions

Contact Us

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions:
Bikes@RideGG.com or give us a call, 303-955-4163.

Or visit our retail and manufacturing headquarters:
2031 Bryant Street
Denver, CO 80211