CO Gives Day: Donation Discount


Colorado Gives Day

Colorado Gives Day is coming up on Dec. 10th and we are working with COMBA to build a better mountain biking experience on the Colorado Front Range. Making mountain biking more awesome is one of our core values and we’d be letting down thousands of riders in Colorado if we didn’t do everything in our power to further this goal.

GG will match every dollar you donate (up to $500) as a discount towards your next bike. Donate $100 and get $100 off your new bike!

Locally, here are some of things GG and COMBA feels make for a great mountain biking experience:

  1. Developing directional, MTB-optimized trails. As a COMBA effort from start-to-finish, we’ve already seen the success of our local Floyd Hill system, launched this Fall and widely celebrated among the Front Range due to its progressive trail features.
  2. Minimizing user conflicts. We have to share the trail and believe that there can be a sustainable trail design that minimizes user conflicts. An example of this would be developing trails with improved sightlines on shared segments of trails so nobody is surprised by another trail user.
  3. Developing more singletrack systems. Big point-to-point rides always come with epic appeal but logistically they can require as much effort to plan as ride. Building out trail systems can offer the same experience in an easier to navigate package and pair progressive trail design with trails suitable for a wide range of users.


This Colorado Gives Day, please submit your donations to the Colorado Mountain Bike Association (COMBA) and email us a copy of your receipt to receive matched discount off your new GG bike.

While supporting COMBA is important year-round, there is an additional $1.5 million pot of gold that participating nonprofits get to split based off the amount of donations they receive on CO Gives Day (12/10/19).

Details and Instructions:

  1. Donate to COMBA at their Colorado Gives Day site by December 10th.
    • Donate at any time between now and midnight on the 10th
    • Mark your donation as a Colorado Gives Day donation
    • Choose any individual's fund listed under the COMBA link
  2. Email a copy of your Colorado Gives Day receipt to
  3. A GG rep will respond with a Shop Code equal to your donation value (up to $500, valid through 2/29/2020)
  4. This deal cannot be combined with any other discounts or offers

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