Guerrilla Gravity Relaunches its First Model: The GG/DH

Guerrilla Gravity Relaunches its First Model: The GG/DH

… now ready for the future of riding!

 Guerrilla Gravity is excited to relaunch a classic in a Neo-classical world. The GG/DH was GG’s first model and people always comment “when is it coming back???” So here is your chance to own a modern piece of history…

For the re-release the bike has been updated with the most advanced geometry available:

Grim Donut - Geo Table

With this setup riders have been able to ride twice as fast, go twice as big, and have 100% less fear, as proven by extensive ride testing in the metaverse.

 A small batch run of GG/DHs are available to purchase… as NFTs. One of each classic color is available. So put on your tinfoil sailing cap and head out to the Open Sea for your chance to spend “real” crypto coins on a bike that allows you to ride as fast and go as big as your imagination ever dreamed.

The lineup of original GG/DH NFTs:

GGDH - Yellow
GGDH - Green
GG - Raw
GG/DH - Green
GG - Blue


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