Introducing Gnarly Nikki!

Introducing Gnarly Nikki!

Bike Checks

Who has the best customer service? We do.

One of the challenges Will, Matt, and Kristy laid down upon founding GG was to build a bike company that offered the best customer service in the industry. As we’ve grown this means that we have hired additional sales and support staff to answer the phones (call us any time at 303-955-4163), emails (catch us at, and social media direct messages (slide into those DMs at @RideGG).

Please extend a hearty high five to our new Rider Support Specialist, Nikki! She brings a wealth of knowledge about all things two-wheeled to our team, coming from a background of riding dirt bikes, road bikes, and of course mountain bikes.

We could have asked her ten questions but this Q&A goes to 11.

Eleven Questions with Nikki!

1. Tell me a little about yourself.

I grew up in The Dirty South in Georgia where I idolized downhiller racers like Missy Giove. Some girls had posters of dream hunks on their walls. I had every dream bike and favorite article covering my room. It’s where I first learned bikes. My brothers and I built pirate trails in our backyard and tore it up on dirt bikes. I lived for two wheels, and still do. Five years ago I moved out to Colorado, leaving a successful career in Film behind to live my life and dig as deeply into this world as I possibly could. And I haven’t looked back since.

2. What initially attracted you to GG?

Community, ingenuity, and bike stoke. They have all three in spades.

3. Flow trails or natural terrain?


4. What’s your favorite trail you have ever ridden?

My favorite trail to date is the Whole Enchilada in Moab, but I feel like I’m always on the hunt for something to top that.

The Whole Enchilada - Moab, Utah on

5. What’s a bucket list trail or destination for you?

Squamish, BC

6. So you’re big into racing, what race are you looking forward to this year?

Moab Rocks. It’s three tough days of exhausting, technical racing in a dream location.

7. If you were a bike tool, what tool would you be and why?

Pedro’s Bike Lust. Ya gotta stay shiny.

8. 27.5 or 29?

29 for our local trails in Colorado and a short travel 27.5+ for the hardtail!

9. What bike are you building for 2020 and what build are you thinking about?

I’m really itching to build a superlight Trail Pistol that I can build up into a total go anywhere mileage eater and then eventually brawl out with as an enduro race rig.  

10. What song do you crank in the car to pump yourself up for a great ride?

I’m a big progressive house fan so anything like ‘Ghosts N Stuff’ by Deadmau5 or similar. The beefier the bassline the better.

11. What’s the best concert you’ve attended?

That’s easy - Metallica before they got weird. Hetfield was sick so Jonathan Davis, Kid Rock, Serj Tankian, and Spider One all came in to sing his sets while the band played their asses off. I was 16 and ran straight to the front of the floor as soon as the music hit.

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