What is the Renegade Build?

What is the Renegade Build?

Meet the Renegade Build.


GG is excited to introduce the Renegade Build - a curated selection of components that are typically reserved for aftermarket upgrades. The Renegade Build includes brands that are well-known fan favorites, as well as newly added domestic manufacturers, and hidden gems.

All components are top-of-line choices, and only those given the stamp of approval by GG staff are stocked. 

In 2020, the bike industry was hit with a wave of new users and veteran riders looking to upgrade their setups in the wake of Covid-19. Because GG makes our frames right here in Denver, Colorado, we have been able to continue manufacturing Revved Carbon frames with minimal disruptions, which means GG riders have the unique opportunity to purchase a full build with components typically only available as upgrades - all at a packaged price point.

The Renegade Build will be continuously updated throughout the season as we receive new, small-batch components. In order to keep update-to-date on our available components, sign up for our newsletter, The Dispatch.



While you're here, check out some of our favorite Renegade components:


Magura MT7 Pro


Cane Creek DB Kitsuma Air

Cane Creek Helm Air

Crankbrothers Synthesis Alloy Wheelsets


Box Three Prime 9 Drivetrain



Magura MT7Pro

🤘 4 pistons⁠
🤘 1-finger HC lever blade ⁠
🤘 Radial Master Design - for sensitive, easy to modulate brakes⁠

"Magura's MT7 brakes are a top-tier product and they consistently provided top-level performance... If I was in need of new brakes the MT7's would be at the top of my list."
- Daniel Sapp, Pinkbike

Read the full Pinkbike Review





"When you're at 10 all the way across the board with your suspension,
and you need that extra push over the cliff, where do you go from there?
You go to Eleven.....Six. It's the best performing shock I've ridden."
- GG Chief Engineer, Matt Giaraffa

The fact that the ELEVENSIX rear shocks are hand-assembled by PUSH in Loveland, Colorado is just one reason we're happy to have them in our custom builder.

The GG Team has also been impressed with the ELEVENSIX's patented, Dual Overhead Compression Valve System with Low-Speed and High-Speed for climbing AND descending, its light weight, and its Hydraulic Bottom Out Control.




Cane Creek DB Kitsuma Air

DB Kitsuma is a highly adjustable rear shock built for maximum performance in a design that is incredibly intuitive and easy to use. All shocks are built to order by hand in the Cane Creek facility in North Carolina, USA.  




Cane Creek Helm Air

 The Helm MKII includes tokenless air volume adjustment design, independently adjustable positive and negative air chambers on the air spring and rider-adjustable travel.




Crankbrothers Synthesis Alloy Wheelsets (Enduro or XCT)

Crankbrothers' wheels have been known for a long time as a quality wheel set. The Synthesis Alloy wheelsets offer a tough, sturdy choice that offers control and stability without breaking the bank. 

Additional features include:

  • Front and rear specific wheels tuned and optimized to address the specific performance requirements and loads of mountain bike riding.
  • Compliant tuned front wheel improves handling and maximizes grip and control in turns. Wider inner rim width supports wider tire profile in front, increased volume and contact patch, and rounds tire profile to enhance turning.
  • Stiff tuned rear wheel supports peak loads and enhances stability and tracking at speed.
  • Narrower inner rim width supports narrower tire profile in rear, improves rolling resistance, and sharpens tire edge for grip.
  • Welded and sleeved rim joint for additional strength. 

Need more convincing? Pinkbike gives a full rundown here.




The little brother to the Onyx DC, meet the Onyx SC D1, DVO's top of the line enduro race fork. Featuring the proven D1 damper, high/low speed compression, rebound, and externally adjustable OTT. With 36mm stanchions and their stiffest chassis yet, charge hard into the roughest sections with confidence.




Box Three Prime 9 Drivetrain

Box's drivetrain goes "back to the future" with Prime 9 Technology. A drivetrain philosophy that borrows its simple architecture from the past and drenches it in modern characteristics. The result is a durable, simple and high performing shifting system. Fans of the budget-friendly, 9-speed drivetrain favor the ease-of-use, minimal maintenance, and reduced shifting.

Check out the full "Science of 9" breakdown below.


That's it for now- keep checking in for updates as we add more options to the Renegade Build!