Guerrilla Gravity presents:

Moab Camping Weekend

Get rad. Drink beer. Ride bikes. Make friends. to GET RAD. DRINK BEER. RIDE BIKES.


October 25 - 28th


Moab, UT

Goose Island Campground
Bureau Of Land Management
Moab, UT-128, Moab, UT 84532
Google Maps


The GG Camping Weekend is always a great way to wrap up the season, hang out with GG community, and shred world-class trails. For 2018 we’ll be returning to Moab and leading several group rides of various skill levels. After riding all day we’ll gather at the Goose Island Campground for campfire games, minibike races, and high-fives.

Cost: $Depends on options selected


While we love building badass bikes, building community is an equally big focus at Guerrilla Gravity and there’s no better way to do that than spend a few days riding and camping in the desert with 50 of your closest GG compatriots. Get to know the GG-crew and your fellow GG-riders (and maybe their non-GG riding friends) on the trail and around the campfire!


Moab is a legendary mountain biking destination that’s as special to returning riders as with first-timers. We’re pretty dang stoked to get back out there again!

  • We will be shuttling as a group and splitting off into different skill levels when appropriate. Plan on a lot of riding over a few long days and there’s no shame in checking yourself before you wreck yourself in a new riding zone.
  • Each ride will have two "guides." The “guides” are only there to make sure everyone knows where they're going (the rabbit) and no one gets left behind (the sweep). They are not EMTs and are not bike mechanics (well, some of them are, but don't rely on that). So bring your own tools and backcountry injury-knowhow.
  • Coyote Shuttle will pick us up from the campground each morning and each ride ends close enough to pedal back to the campground.


Goose Island Campground is a quick pedal or drive to downtown Moab for food/beer runs.

  • Make sure to RSVP on our website to make sure there’s room for you and any amigos that are joining us (each person needs to RSVP).
  • There is car parking onsite (but please carpool to ensure we have enough room!).
  • Feel free to arrive anytime after 4 pm on Thursday.
  • Extra brownie points for bringing firewood to donate to the cause (of keeping the fire stoked).
  • There are fire rings, vault toilets,and trash receptacles, but no other amenities (i.e. running water, showers, and electricity).
  • If you’re interested in bringing an RV or camper, please check with us beforehand
  • Please leave your furry friends at home if you're camping with us.


Attendees are responsible for their own meals (get your DIY on!), except on Saturday when...

  • Cowabunga, we’re having a Pizza Party on Saturday! If you’re eating pizza with us, make sure to include that when you sign up. There will be plenty of veggie and non-veggie options.
  • Camp stoves are permitted and cooking over an open fire is encouraged.
  • If you need to run into town for food, the town of Moab is 10 minutes away on four wheels, 20 minutes on two wheels.


BYOB. Our buddies at Alpine Dog Brewing and Deerhammer Distillery are hooking it up, but not enough to water a thirsty camp appropriately.

  • Remember, this is the desert, so stay hydrated to counter your beer consumption.
  • While we encourage bringing your party pants, note that quiet time starts at 10 pm.
  • There will be some backyard games, and we're totally open to getting some Beer Olympics going! Bring out your favorite games so we can see if beginner’s luck applies to more than first-timers heading down the Portal Trail.


Thursday Oct 25th - "Amasa Highlights"

    • Ride: Includes the best parts of Amasa Back and Captain Ahab
    • Distance: ~9 miles, 1270 ft of climbing and descending
    • Technical Difficulty: 7/10
    • Campsite check-in anytime after 4pm, hang out, shoot the sh*t

Friday Oct 26th - Magnificent 7 Shuttle

    • 10:45am load up at the campground
    • Ride Option 1: Mag 7 to Bar Trails
      Distance: ~22 miles, ~2,700+ ft of descending
      Technical Difficulty: 5/10
    • Ride Option 2: Mag 7 to Portal
      Distance: 21.9 miles, 3,849 ft of descending
      Technical Difficulty: 10/10
    • This ride ends with a short pedal back to the campground.

Saturday Oct 27th - Whole Enchilada Shuttle (or as far up as we can go)

    • 10:45am load up at the campground
    • Distance: 34.1 miles, 7,794 ft of descending (assuming we can go all the way up)
    • Technical Difficulty: 7/10
    • This ride ends with a short pedal back to the campground.

Sunday Oct 28th - High fives and goodbyes

    • Pack up your gear and clean up the campground by 11 am
    • Ride: Klondike Bluffs
    • Time: Noon
    • Distance: Up to 14.3 miles, 1,455 ft climbing and descending
    • Technical Difficulty: 4/10
    • Go home. Remember: don’t be sad that it’s over, but excited it happened. And your legs are tired.