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There are a number of ways to try one of our bikes: visit one of our Demo Centers, contact one of our international distributors, set up a time to meet a BAMF (Brand Ambassador and Motivated Freeseller), or check us out on a Demo Tour. Scroll down to find the closest place for you.

Demo Centers


Guerrilla Gravity Shredquarters

  • Location: Denver, CO (Downtown)
  • Phone: 303-955-4163
  • Email:
  • What they have: The Smash (3), Megatrail (3), Shred Dogg (3), Pedalhead (2,3), Trail Pistol (3)

Chasing Epic

  • Location: Denver, CO
  • Phone: 303-949-3933
  • Email:
  • What they have: Revved Trail Pistol, Shred Dogg, all sizes

Front Range Ride Guides

  • Location: Fort Collins/Boulder, CO
  • Phone: 720-470-1627
  • Email:
  • What they have: 2018 Megatrail (Sm, Med, Lg), 2018 Trail Pistol (Med, Lg), 2018 Pedalhead (Sm, Med, Lg)

Routes Outfitter


Mocean 365

  • Location: Eugene/Portland, OR
  • Email:
  • What they have: Revved The Smash (3), 2018 Megatrail (Sm, Lg), 2018 Trail Pistol (Lg)


Roanoke Mountain Adventures


The Polka Dot Jersey

International Demo Center


Pedals Bike Care

International Distributors


Outside Sports


Bike Cave

Singapore, Malaysia, Philipines

Yap Bicycle Compania


If you want to connect with a rider in your area who may be able to help facilitate a parking lot test, give us a shout: - 303-955-4163.

  • Arkansas, Bentonville - Trail Pistol (2)
  • California, Santa Cruz - The Smash (Alloy Med)
  • California, San Francisco - Trail Pistol (Alloy Med)
  • California, Truckee - Megatrail (Alloy  Med), Pedalhead (2)
  • Colorado, Denver - All the models, all the sizes, gotta shred'em all!
  • Colorado, Eagle - Megatrail (Alloy  Small), The Smash (Alloy  Small), The Smash (2)
  • Colorado, Grand Junction - The Smash (3)
  • Idaho, Boise - The Smash (Alloy  Med), Pedalhead (3)
  • Maine, Portland - Trail Pistol (Alloy  Med)
  • New Jersey, Ramsay - Pedalhead (2)
  • New York, Rochester - The Smash (Alloy Med)
  • Oregon, Bend - Megatrail (Alloy  Large)
  • Oregon, Cottage Grove - The Smash (3), Megatrail (Alloy  Small), Pedalhead (2), Trail Pistol (Alloy  Large)
  • Oregon, Grant’s Pass - Shred Dogg (Alloy  Large), Trail Pistol (Alloy  Large)
  • Pennsylvania, Downingtown - Shred Dogg (Alloy  Med), Trail Pistol (Alloy  Med), Pedalhead (2)
  • Texas, Houston - Trail Pistol (Alloy  Small), Pedalhead (1)
  • Virginia, Blacksburg - Trail Pistol (Alloy  Med), The Smash (Alloy Med)
  • Virginia, Roanoke - The Smash (3), Pedalhead (3)
  • Washington, Bellingham - Megatrail (Alloy Large)
  • Washington, Enumclaw - The Smash (2)
  • Washington, Seattle - Megatrail (Alloy Large), The Smash (2, 3, Alloy Med, Alloy Small)
  • Washington, Vancouver - Megatrail (Alloy Small)
  • Wyoming, Jackson - The Smash (2)
  • Canada, British Columbia, Kamloops - The Smash (Alloy Med)
  • Canada, British Columbia, Victoria - Megatrail (3), The Smash (Alloy Med)

Want to become a Demo Center?

Contact us if your shop is interested in more info about becoming a Demo Center or Shop Direct partner.