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There are a number of ways to try one of our bikes: visit one of our Demo Centers, contact one of our international distributors, set up a time to meet a BAMF (Brand Ambassador and Motivated Freeseller), or check us out on a Demo Tour. Scroll down to find the closest place for you.

Demo Centers


Gonzo Cycles

  • Location: Carpinteria, CA
  • Phone: 805-242-2554
  • What they have: Megatrail (Med), GG/DH (Med), Pedalhead (Med, Lg), The Smash (Med)

The Bike Shop

  • Location: Morro Bay, CA
  • Phone: 805-772-2697
  • What they have: Pedalhead (Lg)


Guerrilla Gravity Shredquarters

  • Location: Denver, CO (Downtown)
  • Phone: 303-955-4163
  • Email:
  • What they have: The Smash (Sm, Med, Lg, XL), Megatrail (Med, Lg), Shred Dogg (Med), GG/DH (Med), Pedalhead (Med), Trail Pistol (Sm, Med, Lg),

Boneshaker Cycles

  • Location: Buena Vista, CO
  • Phone: 719-966-5075
  • Email:
  • What they have: Megatrail (Sm, Med), Trail Pistol (Med, Lg)

Front Range Ride Guides

  • Location: Fort Collins/Boulder, CO
  • Phone: 720-470-1627
  • Email:
  • What they have: Megatrail (Sm, Med, Lg), Trail Pistol (Med, Lg), Pedalhead (Sm, Med, Lg)


  • Location: Lake City, CO
  • Phone: 970-944-9500
  • Email:
  • What they have: Megatrail (Sm, Med, Lg), Trail Pistol (Sm, Med, Lg), Pedalhead (Sm, Med, Lg)


Two Broke Spokes

  • Location: Tampa, FL
  • Phone: 813-232-2453
  • Email:
  • What they have: Trail Pistol (Med)


Sixes Pit

  • Location: Canton, GA
  • Phone: 470-765-6748
  • What they have: Megatrail (Med), Pedalhead (Med), Trail Pistol (Med)


The Bike Doc LLC

  • Location: Portage, IN (Mobile)
  • Phone: 219-840-1136
  • What they have: Pedalhead (Med), Trail Pistol (Med), Shred Dogg (Sm)

New York

Leepoff Cycles

  • Location: Keene Valley, NY
  • Phone: 518-524-0212
  • What they have: Megatrail/Shred Dogg (Med)


Mocean 365

  • Location: Eugene/Portland, OR
  • Email:
  • What they have: Megatrail (Sm, Lg), Trail Pistol (Lg)


Swift Fix Mobile Bike Shop

  • Location: Salt Lake City, UT (Mobile)
  • Phone: 801-690-4531
  • Email:
  • What they have: Megatrail (Med), Trail Pistol (Sm), Pedalhead (Sm)


Proper Cycle Werks

  • Location: Longview, WA
  • Phone: 360-200-5550
  • What they have: The Smash (Med), Trail Pistol (Med), Megatrail (Med)

West Virginia

Fat Tire Cycle

  • Location: Buckhannon, WV
  • Phone: 304-472-5882
  • What they have: Pedalhead (Lg)

International Distributors

Singapore, Malaysia, Philipines

Yap Bicycle Compania

  • Location: Singapore
  • Email:


Shorelines Distribution

  • Location: Sheffield, England
  • Email:


If you want to connect with a rider in your area who may be able to help facilitate a parking lot test, give us a shout: - 303-955-4163.

  • California, Santa Cruz - Shred Dogg (Med)
  • California, San Francisco - Trail Pistol (Med)
  • California, Truckee - Megatrail (Med)
  • Colorado, Boulder - Megatrail (Med)
  • Colorado, Colorado Springs - Megatrail (Med)
  • Colorado, Denver - All the models, all the sizes, gotta shred'em all!
  • Colorado, Eagle - Megatrail (Small), The Smash (Small)
  • Colorado, Lafayette - Megatrail (Med)
  • Idaho, Boise - The Smash (Med), Pedalhead (Large)
  • Maine, Portland - Trail Pistol (Med)
  • New Jersey - Pedalhead (Med)
  • North Carolina, Southern Pines - The Smash (Small)
  • Oregon, Bend - Megatrail (Large)
  • Oregon, Cottage Grove - Megatrail (Small), Pedalhead (Med), Trail Pistol (Large)
  • Oregon, Grant’s Pass - Shred Dogg (Large), Trail Pistol (Large)
  • Pennsylvania, Downingtown - Shred Dogg (Med), Trail Pistol (Med), Pedalhead (Med)
  • Texas, Houston - Trail Pistol (Small)
  • Utah, Bryce Canyon - Pedalhead (Medium)
  • Virginia, Blacksburg - Trail Pistol (Med)
  • Virginia, Roanoke - Shred Dogg (Med)
  • Washington, Bellingham - Megatrail (Large)
  • Washington, Seattle - Megatrail (Large), The Smash (Med)
  • Wyoming, Jackson - Megatrail (Med)
  • Canada, British Columbia, Kamloops - The Smash (Med)
  • Canada, British Columbia, Victoria - The Smash (Med)

Demo Tour

Visit our events page to see where we're heading with the Crush Bus and demo fleet.

Want to become a Demo Center?

Contact us if your shop is interested in more info about becoming an Outpost (demos and retail).