Frame Storage Kit

Onboard frame storage for your water bottle and flat kit so you can ride pack-free if you choose, or use your pack to carry extra food, water, and layers as needed.

Select your wheel size and bottle size based off your frame and shock configuration.

Kit includes:

Water Bottle Compatibility:

Frame Size Shock Config Under Top Tube Above BB
2 Inline 750 550
Reservoir - top No 550
Reservoir - bottom 750 No
3 Inline 750 550*
Reservoir - top 550 550*
Reservoir - bottom (210 x 50-55 shocks only**) 750 No
4 Inline 750 550
Reservoir - top 750 550
Reservoir - bottom 750 No

* Size 3 water bottles mounted above BB will require shimming the cage for additional downtube clearance.

** Size 3 frames can only fit shock with reservoir mounted under shock in Trail Pistol and Shred Dogg configurations. Reservoir must be mounted under rear shock mount, closest to rocker link.

Tube Size:

Bottle Size:

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Price: $65.00