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"Overall we where very impressed with the GG/DH. It's strong point would be it's forward geometry and stiff frame. Point the bike along boulder edges and it will try its hardest to hold onto them. Come into a corner to hot and have to break the rear end loose to make the turn no problem. Guerrilla Gravity did a good job building a stiff chassis by using a huge 25mm pivot axle and oversized tubing. We noted how stiff the Megatrail chassis was and I would say the GG/DH is one of the stiffer DH frames we have ridden. " Read the full review...

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Member Review: GG/DH Review

This bike is really fun. I find it incredibly confidence inspiring, mostly because of the amount of ramp up throughout the travel. It never feels like it bottoms out harshly and always rides high in the travel... I never really thought that lateral stiffness was a big deal until riding this bike; it holds a line in a corner unlike any other bike I have ridden... This is an ideal bike for anyone looking for a really solid rig for bike parks, shuttle days, or downhill racing.

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"We ran the bike in its lower/slacker setting with the tighter wheelbase. We found this to be a very capable setup for our test track, which has plenty of steep sections with embedded rocks, and high-speed straights with square-edge hits..." Read the full review...

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"I’ve been on the GG/DH for the 2013 season so far, and now that I have everything set up to my preferences, the bike has really begun to shine. In my opinion, the geometry is the biggest reason why this bike is so incredible. There isn't a single angle or measurement that I would like to change about the geometry of the GG/DH. It is stable at high speed, it navigates tight steeps with ease and I would guarantee that it corners better than any other bike on the market. No matter how fast you approach a corner, this bike will hold its line comfortably and dramatically increase your confidence." Read the full review...

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"The GG/DH is on par or surpasses many of the current mainstream downhill bikes. A weekend warrior or a seasoned racer can set up the bike to their needs for fun and to win races. I know for a fact that the bike can be built up to a 36.5Lb race bike with basic downhill parts. It is a great bike to ride, rails corners, rips through steep gnarly trail sections and is simple to maintain. Set up is super easy with the GG/DH baseline recommendations, a couple runs to tweak in the suspension to personal preference, and the bike is ready for race day." Read the full review...