International Shipping

How to Buy a GG Bike Outside of the USA

If you want to go fast, you’ve come to the right place. While we’re proud to build our bikes with our own hands in Colorado USA, we’re always excited to see international interest in Guerrilla Gravity. Below are a few options for ordering a GG if you’re located outside of the US.

1. International Rider Direct

    1. Browse the build kits and options
    2. Email us with any questions
    3. Build your bike online and choose “Invoice Me” as the payment method
    4. A GG representative will be in touch with a PayPal invoice for payment within 1 business day
    5. International Rider Direct riders are responsible for coordinating their own shipment from the Shredquarters to their delivery address
      1. We recommend using as they combine shipping with customs duties and taxes for one easy payment
      2. If you decide to use another shipping option, we recommend researching your local duties and taxes so there are no surprises when your new bike arrives
      3. Shipping box dimensions and weights are located below:
        • Complete bikes ship with one Big Bike Box and one Wheel Box
        • Framesets ship in the Frame Box
        • Framesets with installed forks ship in the Big Bike Box
        • Big Bike Box: 
          • Imperial: 48 x 9 x 30 in, 30 lbs
          • Metric: 122 x 23 x 76 cm, 13.6 kg
        • Wheel Box: 
          • Imperial: 33 x 11 x 30 in, 15 lbs
          • Metric: 84 x 258 x 76 cm, 6.8 kg
        • Frame Box: 
          • Imperial: 46 x 9 x 22 in, 15 lbs
          • Metric: 117 x 23 x 56 cm, 6.8 kg

2. International Distributor

    1. Contact your local distributor
    2. Let them know you’d like a Guerrilla Gravity bike
    3. Complete your order
    4. Go shred

International FAQ:

Yes! We ship to most international countries and work closely with a few international distributors around the world.

  • International Rider Direct allows you to buy a bike directly from GG
  • Check here to see if we have distribution in your country. In this case, your local distributor will be able to handle all of the shipping logistics for you.

There is a good chance that you will have to pay some additional duties or taxes on your new frameset or bike. We recommend looking into these customs charges before completing your order so you are not surprised to receive a customs bill along with your new bike. Many countries have different tax rates based off framesets, complete bikes, and bike parts so it would be advantageous to know what option will make the most sense for you. has an integrated tool on their website that combines international shipping with customs charges for an all-in-one solution. If you are buying through one of our distribution partners, these additional charges will already be included in the quoted prices for GG frames in your region.

We offer our unique Lifetime Frame Support program for original owners.

Additional info on the program:

First off, we want you to know that we strive to build bikes that are durable and long-lasting, something that you can pass down to your kids/little sisters/favorite beginner. Anything less than that is a disappointment. Also note that the wide range of experiences and environments that mountain bikes encounter makes it impossible to account for every rider type, style, and aspect of misuse and misfortune. For this reason we feel it is misleading to offer a warranty similar to the ones found throughout the industry, which are chock-full of ifs, ands, and buts.

Manufacturing defects typically reveal themselves within a year of ownership. Should a failure occur because of one of these we will act expediently to get the rider a replacement. Because of science, mountain bike frames and products do have a usable lifespan. But we know a broken frame never makes for a good day, so for this reason we will provide discounted replacements for the lifetime of the frame. The discount will depend on the age of the frame, replacement necessary, and circumstance. Frames painted or powder coated outside of GG's system will not be eligible for the Lifetime Frame Support.

In order to take advantage of the Lifetime Frame Support program, you will need to provide proof of purchase (if purchased through one of our partner channels and not directly through us). To receive a replacement, the rider is responsible for shipping us the frame in question. Please feel free to email us with additional questions.

We are not responsible for any component failures attached to the bike, but we will help connect you with the proper manufacturer to rectify the issue. We do make an attempt to only provide components we are confident in, but failures do happen. We keep a log of failures and are interested to hear about your experiences, even if you've handled it elsewhere.

Hit us up at to chat about signing up as a distribution partner. We're looking for companies that are already structured for consumer direct sales, active in their riding communities, and making mountain biking more awesome.