Demo Bike Info & Agreement

Demo Bike Rental Info

We are super stoked you are interested in trying out a Guerrilla Gravity bike!

If you are in the Colorado area and want to pick up a demo bike directly from us, read on. We'll try to make this easy and quick so we can get you shredding trail yesterday.

NOTE: If you're not close enough to come see us directly, here's how to find a 3rd-party demo bike

The local pick-up demo process:

  1. Head over to the Demo Bike collection and make sure we have the model, frame size, and date availability that works for you.
  2. Place your reservation order for one of our bikes.
  3. Come back to this page and fill out the agreement/waiver info below.
  4. Stop by our shop on your reservation day, pick up your bike, and go ride!

Knowing is half the battle:

  • WHAT'S INCLUDED: We only supply the demo bike. Helmet, riding gear, hydration, tire flat repair, etc. are not provided. We have flat pedals on-hand you can borrow with the demo bike, otherwise, please bring your own pedals and we can install them at the shop.
  • SETUP: We will definitely help get the bike dialed for you before you head out, including suspension setup, tire pressure, fit, etc.
  • DAY vs. HOURLY: All demo rentals are for full days. We do not rent on an hourly basis.
  • PICK-UP / DROP-OFF: On the day you select to start your reservation, you can pick up the demo bike from us anytime during our open hours (10am-5pm M-F). The same goes for returning the demo bike. You can return the bike anytime on your last reservation date, up until we close. If you are not able to return the demo bike before we close on your return date, you will be charged an additional reservation day.
  • WEEKENDS/HOLIDAYS: Since we are not open on weekends, you cannot start or end a demo reservation on a Saturday or Sunday. So if you start a demo on a Friday, you must keep it all weekend. Similar for holidays. Smells like a road trip to us!
  • LOCATION: Currently, we only offer local demo bikes from our Colorado headquarters: 2031 Bryant Street - Denver, CO 80211
  • MINORS: You must be at least 18 years old to rent a demo bike. Younger riders must have a parent/guardian complete the rental process.
  • QUESTIONS?: If you have any questions about our bikes or this demo process, don't hesitate to give us a call (303.955.4163) or email us at


Rental Agreement

You must fill out and submit this agreement before picking up your demo bike.