Is It Revved?

Is It Revved? Let's Find Out

In this video series, Guerrilla Gravity’s Dr. Destructo puts the new Revved™ Carbon Technology to the test against a series of everyday items to find out, Is It Revved? Tune in to find out what Revved Carbon Technology can truly handle, and what's left shattered on the side of the trail.

300% More Impact Resistant

The old way of addressing the impact resistance of traditional carbon frames was bolting a $2 plastic downtube protector onto a brittle $4K carbon frame--also a cost we think is unacceptable. That’s what inspired us to revolutionize carbon mountain bikes with a brand new, environmentally friendly, and ultra-efficient carbon manufacturing process. The kicker is that Revved Carbon is 300% more impact resistant than traditional carbon fiber, so check your outdated concerns about carbon durability at the door. What does 300% more impact resistant look like? Watch this series to see for yourself, Is It Revved?

Guerrilla Gravity - Is It Revved? - Winding Up
Guerrilla Gravity - Is It Revved? - Amp Crash

Ep 1: Rock n’ Roll Gauntlet of Torture

Watch as GG’s enginerds produce the first Revved Carbon Technology frame from the Frame Maker 3000, then put it to the test by mounting it inside one of the most scientifically advanced blunt-force-impact-testing contraptions to date, the Frame Breaker .3000.

To start, GG enginerds used a sledgehammer to replicate the gnarliest of baby heads rocketing into your downtube at 42 mph. What they moved onto next is what you’ll have to see inside this new series... Now, our lawyers said we couldn’t smash anybody else’s frames on camera, so let’s just say that there’s a graveyard of “traditional” carbon that didn’t fare so well...

Unlike those “other” frames, Revved deflects each impact with a ninja-like quality, never wavering, whimpering, or cracking under pressure. We also pay tribute to all of our rock and roll forefathers who ended their encore with a memorable symphony of destruction by smashing all of their gear onstage (check it out in the video).

Guerrilla Gravity - Is It Revved? - Smashing Amps
Guerrilla Gravity - Is It Revved? - Blender Smash

Ep 2: Steady Diet of Destruction

Dr. Destructo heads up to the Shredquarters’ roof to see if he can cook up some chaos with a few items pulled from the GG kitchen. With an appetite for annihilation, Destructo gives a Revved Carbon frame a steady diet of snack foods, après beverages, and appliances to find out, Is It Revved?

Ep 3: The Science of Smashing

In this episode, Dr. Destructo sits down with Chief Engineer Matt Giaraffa to discuss the science (and real data) backing the claim that Revved Carbon Technology truly is 300% stronger than traditional carbon fiber. Be sure to watch until the end when Matt takes his turn at playing, Is It Revved?

Ep 4: The Test of Time

Will it survive the test of time? It’s 3:23 and Dr. Destructo can’t wait any longer to find out if this Baby Grandfather Clock will survive the ultimate test… is it Revved? Watch as Dr. Destructo unleashes a reign of terror on a trio of family heirlooms.

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