Outdoor Industry EP Purchase

Outdoor Industry EP Purchase Program

**Confidential. Do not share without written permission.**

Thank you for your interest in Guerrilla Gravity! Thank you for your community support and playing an integral part in spreading the gospel about American-made schralping machines.

By submitting this form, you agree to abide by all guidelines outlined on this document for the order of Guerrilla Gravity frames or complete bikes through the Outdoor Industry EP Program:

  • All purchases are for personal use only.
  • You agree to not use Guerrilla Gravity products for reverse-engineering.
  • Orders using this discount are not eligible for Klarna Financing.
  • Frames may be aesthetically blemished.
  • Frame is not to be re-sold within eight months of purchase.
  • 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee is not included.
  • Frames come with standard Lifetime Frame Support guarantee.
  • You must be in current good standing with your employer.
  • You must provide proof of full-time employment.
  • Assembly may not be included for complete builds and partial builds.
  • Upon receiving your new bike please post photos of your bike to social media and tag GG’s accounts (@RideGG, #RideGG).
  • Please return the favor and drop us a positive review of your experience and new bike.

Ordering Process

  1. Create a customer account using your email address on our website.
  2. Submit this form with proof of employment (blacked out pay stub is ideal).
  3. Await further instructions from our team about placing your order.

IMPORTANT: By submitting this form you are explicitly agreeing to the terms of sale as defined above. 

Due to the current bike shortage, we are limiting the amount of discounted frames and full builds we send out each month in order to ensure customers paying non-industry rates are still prioritized. If you fill out the below form, you will be added to our waitlist. We will reach out when we have a frame available for you! Once we reach out, you will have 48 hours to let us know if you'd like to purchase the frame. After 48 hours, we will continue to move down the list. Thank you for your support and understanding!