Guerrilla Gravity's Less Expensive, US-Made Carbon Frame

"The process ended up being so forward-thinking that Guerrilla Gravity won a $250,000 USD grant through the Advanced Industries Grant Program that's run by the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade. Serious stuff, especially when it had only ever been awarded to companies in the aerospace, bioscience, and renewable energy industries up until now." - Mike Levy
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Revolutionizing Carbon Bikes with Guerrilla Gravity

"We've ridden previous versions of Guerrilla Gravity's Trail Pistol and The Smash before, but there's something special going on with the way these new frames tackle the trail. We noted improved compliance in the rear end and better maneuverability across the board." - Brandon Turman
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How Guerrilla Gravity Manufactures a Made-In-the-USA Carbon Frame for Less Than Big Bike Brands

"How did a startup manage to make carbon bikes in the U.S. for less than brands with decades more experience, bigger engineering teams, and economies of scale? ... Who the hell are these guys, and where did they come from? " - Gloria Liu
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Loam Wolf

Guerrilla Gravity SHRED THE SYSTEM

"Their move to American-made carbon frame is also a huge step in the right direction for the industry as a whole, and we applaud them for doing it right. The frames ride as good as they look, and have an unmatched attention to detail with a focus on easy maintenance and a rider centric design ethos." - Chili Dog
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Guerrilla Gravity Revved Modular Frame Platform Launched

"If you’ve event wanted a quiver of bikes but have been turned off by the price, Guerrilla Gravity’s approach might be for you. The rear axle is mounted to the seatstays, lengthening or shortening the rear center to account for travel and wheelsize. The seatstay kit includes the appropriate linkage and all the hardware needed to convert from one model to another. Swapping the rear shock for one with the appropriate eye-to-eye and stroke length completes the travel, geometry and wheel size conversions." - Josh Patterson
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BIKE Magazine

Sustainability Meets Shredability

"But wait, there's more! The material is just part of what makes Guerrilla Gravity's new offering so remarkable. You'll notice the bikes share the same model names as its alloy bikes; the Smash, the Megatrail, the Trail Pistol and the Shred Dog. In their new Revved form, each model shares the exact same front triangle. I'll repeat that. A big-wheeled enduro brawler, its small-wheeled enduro cousin, a light and lively precision shredder and a big BMX bike are all built around the same main chassis." - Travis Engel
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Bike Rumor

Guerrilla Gravity gets Revved Up for U.S. made carbon with 4 bikes in 1 frame

"GG states that they wanted to create something with the best qualities of aluminum, steel, and carbon. That meant it would have to be tough enough to be durable in the long run for seasons of abuse, cost effective so that it wouldn’t price riders out of the market, and well, made in America, because they’re all about that." - Zach Overholt
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Factory Tour: How Guerrilla Gravity can bring carbon manufacturing back to the States

"A stone’s throw away from Mile High stadium in Denver, CO, the team at Guerrilla Gravity is hard at work manufacturing high-quality carbon and aluminum frames. Their headquarters’ footprint has been expanding as they continue to grow and innovate within the industry. We met up with [their team] for a behind the scenes look at how the new GG bikes come to life." - Michael Read more on BikeRumor

Composite Weekly

How Guerrilla Gravity’s Revved Carbon Technology is Disrupting the Mountain Biking Industry

"Their new Revved Carbon Technology, which has been in development and testing for the last three years, combines an innovative, patent-pending manufacturing process to create the next generation of carbon fiber mountain bikes that are 300% more impact resistant." - Jonathan Taylor
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