Seatstay Swap

Seatstay Swap

Tools Needed


Upper & Lower Shock Bolts

Seatstay Bolts & Spacers

5 & 6mm Allen Tools

Torque Wrench


Step 1


The first step will be to remove the rear wheel. You will then use the 6mm allen to remove the upper and lower shock bolts and remove the shock from the frame.

Step 2


Next, remove the rear derailleur from the derailleur hanger and the brake caliper from the mounting tabs. You can just let them hang out while you perform the seatstay swap.


Using the 5mm allen, remove the bolt that connects the seatstay to the rocker link.

Step 3


Next, use the 5mm allen to remove the bolt that connects the seastay and chainstay. You can now fully remove the seatstay from the rear triangle. Repeat the process on the other seatstay.


Before installing the new seatstay, make sure that the bearing spacers are installed correctly. The smaller spacers go between the seatstay and rocker link.

Note that the large spacer has a recess where it fits onto the bearing.


Step 4



With the spacers installed, you can now install the seatstay into the rear triangle.

Step 5



Install the bolts that connect the seatstay and chainstay and tighten a few turns by hand. Next, install the bolt that connects the seatstay and rocker link and hand tighten. Repeat on the other side.



Using the torque wrench, tighten each bolt to 10nm. Repeat on the other side.

Step 6



Install the upper and lower shock bolts and tighten to 10nm. Install the rear wheel and you’re ready to shred!

Double check your handy work before taking your bike out on its next ride. OK, now you're ready to shred!