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Shop Direct Overview - 2022 **Confidential. Do not share without written permission.**

Thank you for your interest in selling Guerrilla Gravity (GG) bikes! We strive to innovate in everything we do and our Shop Direct partnerships are one the key elements. Below you will see the perks and details of being a designated GG Shop Direct Partner.

Please read the following Terms of Sale carefully.

Highlights of the Shop Direct Channel

-Ability to offer customers an American-made bike with patented Revved Carbon Technology

-Ability to capture service revenue with Modular Frame Kits and additional accompanying components

-No paperwork or commitment is required to order

-No minimums

-No inventory requirements

Bike Margins & Ordering Info

20% off current retail pricing. From time to time we offer an additional discount for demo bikes or volume purchases, please inquire with one of our reps about current availability. Percentages are amounts off of retail pricing. All complete bikes purchased for retail customers will be fully built and tuned at our shop, requiring minimal assembly once delivered (wheels, bars, chain, and derailleur). All orders must be shipped to the shop address on record.

Accessories Margins & Ordering Info

30% on Seatstay Tuning Kits, Accessories, & GG Swag. Margin on Seatstay Kits extends to the components purchased with the Kit. It is not required to have bought a frame or complete bike from us prior to ordering Modular Frame Kits, Accessories, & GG Swag

Customer service

It is expected that a shop purchasing through the Shop Direct channel will handle all aspects of customer service directly with the customer, examples including, but not limited to, the customer contacting GG about build kit specifications, lead times, and order status. Payment must be received from the shop in order to apply margin discountIssues with an order, packing, or shipping must be submitted within three business days of delivery bikes purchased through Shop Direct are not eligible for returns under GG's 30 Day Return Policy, all sales are considered final GG's Lifetime Frame Support for warranties does apply to bikes purchased through Shop Direct.

Employee Purchase (EP)

EP pricing is available to all employees of the shop. Standard EP pricing is 20% off of retail, but from time to time GG may offer an additional EP discount. Contact our Rider Support Team for more information EP and discounted order specifications are final and do not allow for changes once placed For additional details on the EP program, please request an EP form.

Additional info

This agreement is at-will, GG and its resellers retain the right to cease relations at any time if the arrangement is not deemed mutually beneficial This agreement is subject to change without notice, but pricing will be honored through the end of the current calendar year upon first purchase, or within 12 months of your last purchase GG retains exclusive rights to sell new frames and bikes online international purchasers may not register or use GG related trademarks, social media accounts, or websites without the consent of GG; domestic use is governed by US law.

How to Purchase

Step 1: Choosing either our pre-configured build kits or custom bike builders, work with your customer to determine frame and build kit spec

Step 2: Take payment with your standard POS for amount displayed on website + shipping** + sales tax (if needed)

It is up to your discretion to charge any additional assembly or handling service fees

** From time to time we offer free shipping, this offer will be extended for your retail customer orders, as long as the order meets the offer's criteria (e.g. Lower 48 states only). Due to the mechanics of how the discounts are applied, you must request a refund for the shipping amount in writing

Step 4: Add the bike to the Cart, then enter your Shop Code to apply your margin, and complete payment using a shop credit card. (Financing does not apply for Shop Direct orders)

Step 5: Prepare bike for customer upon receipt

Step 6: Give your customer a high five for making a kickass purchase

By filling out the below form you acknowledge the above Terms of Sale: