Cane Creek Helm MKII Air - 170 mm Travel - 27.5" - On Sale!

The listed price includes the total discount. 

The Helm MKII includes a newly designed damper featuring a new compression and mid-valve circuit for increased support and control while a new SKF oil seal head and 2.5 weight damper oil reduce friction and provide a more supple ride-feel.


Fully Revised Damper Tune

  • New compression and midvalve circuit for increased support and control
  • New SKF low friction oil seal head cartridge
  • High performance damper oil from Motorex

New SKF low friction wiper seals installed in the castings.

Redesigned Air Spring

  • Increased air volume for better traction and suppleness
  • New air piston for reduced friction
  • New threadless air seal head for easier travel change


  • Weight: 2080 g
  • Damping: High Speed Compression, Low Speed Compression, Low Speed Rebound
  • Adjustments: High speed compression (10 positions), Low speed compression (17 positions), Low speed rebound (10 positions), Independent positive air spring, Independent negative air spring, Indexed travel adjust system (8 positions)
  • Spring: Double-Air spring system. High volume positive and negative air springs
  • Stanchion Diameter: 35mm
  • Minimum Brake Rotor Size: 180mm 
  • Travel: 170mm