Gnarvana - Ride Build

29" - 160mm
Gnarvana - Ride (Quick Ship)
Gnarvana - Ride (Quick Ship)
Gnarvana - Ride (Quick Ship)
Gnarvana - Ride (Quick Ship)
Gnarvana - Ride (Quick Ship)
Ship Time: 1 Week
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Ripping down the steepest, chunkiest, fall-line trails is a zen-like experience, simultaneously losing all sense of self and becoming one with your bike. This flow state requires the right tool for the job, a bike that knows no limits, instilling a daredevil’s confidence and monk’s focus. Chasing this feeling is what inspired us to develop the Gnarvana.

The Gnarvana pairs 160 mm of Freedom Linkage-controlled travel with 29” wheels to create a bike fast enough to outrun your professional distractions and release yourself from terrestrial bonds. Come as you are and ascend to the next level with Gnarvana. 

"This is the bike you take on your scariest, fastest and steepest trails. That’s where it truly shines. The handling is precise yet forgiving. It goes where you need but loves holding a line.

- Bike Magazine

"Slower speed rock rolls into tight turns, awkward rock plops onto sniper landings, steep, loamy chutes...The Gnarvana took it all in stride.

- PinkBike

Proudly Made In Colorado

All GG frames are made in-house, right here in Denver, custom made, just for you.

Future Proof Your Ride

The signature Modular Frame Kits mean you can adjust between travel, wheel size, and chainstay length as your riding evolves, all on the same bike.

Fine Tune The Fit

In just a minute, swap between long and short mode with the GeoAdjust Headset. Personalized fit and optimized handling