Megatrail Seatstay

27.5" - 155/165mm
Megatrail - Seatstay Kit
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As a highly refined and extremely versatile trail bike, the Megatrail is built for everything from conquering high-alpine adventures to shredding bike park laps, or just slaying your after-work rides. When you want to ramp up the descents, Gravity Mode™ provides a 20-second, one-bolt geometry toggle that transforms the bike into a downhill dominator—it's like having two bikes!

The Megatrail's design achieves best-in-class pedaling, next-level cornering, and downhill authority. The leverage curve works well with both air and coil shocks, providing support while pedaling, small bump sensitivity, and progression for hard bottom-out resistance regardless of shock choice. Extremely well-tuned anti-squat characteristics and mid-stroke support create a very efficient pedaling platform.

About Seatstay Kits

Seatstay Tuning Kits are available as a part of GG's Modular Frame Platform. These Seatstay Kits allow you to convert your bike from one model to another*, "tuning" your bike for different terrain, without having to buy a whole new bike.

You can use this kit to convert your current bike* to the Megatrail. Use the Customize Build button on this page to find the necessary parts needed to complete your Modular Frame swap, plus additional customization components that you may want or need.

*Assuming you already have a 2019+ GG bike with the Modular Frame Platform.

Note: This Seatstay Kit is only compatible with alloy rear triangle bikes. Incompatible with the Revved carbon rear triangle.

What's Included?

The Tuning Kit includes all hardware necessary to install on your GG Modular Frame, including:

  • Seatstays
  • Bearings
  • Derailleur hanger and bolt

What's Not Included?

Generally, what's not included are the parts you need to remove anyways in order to swap components (e.g. axle and frame hardware) or that aren't removed in the first place (e.g. rocker). Also, any necessary components will need to be purchased with the kit (e.g. shock, fork).

If switching between wheel sizes, we recommend getting an additional lower cup for your GeoAdjust Headset. The Short Lower Cup is designed to be used with 29 front-ends; the Tall Lower Cup is designed to be used with 27.5 and 27.5 Plus front-ends.

Other things to consider:

  • Do you have the correct shock size?
  • Do you have a 27.5" fork? The Megatrail is designed to work with 27.5" forks with 170-180 mm travel.
  • Do you need a 27.5" wheelset?
  • Do you need 27.5" tires?
  • Make wheel swapping quick and easy by ordering tires, rotors, and cassettes. 

We'll go ahead and install any of the components on your order so you can hit the trail sooner. This includes tubeless tire setup, cassette, and rotor installation.

Frame Features

  • Revved Carbon Technology
  • GG Modular Frame Platform w/ GeoAdjust Headset
  • Trail Mode and Gravity Mode
    • Trail Mode: 155 mm travel, 13.5" BB height, 65.0° headtube angle
    • Gravity Mode: 165 mm travel, 13.2" BB height, 64.5° headtube angle
  • Freedom Linkage - provides a wide range of tuning options for both air and coil shocks
  • Integrated-External cable routing - combines the sleekness of internal routing with the maintenance-friendly access of external routing
  • Water bottle mount, all frame sizes
  • Proudly made in Colorado

Frame Specs

  • Frame material: Revved Carbon Technology with 6061 aluminum rear triangle
  • Frame weight: 6.5 lbs. (2,950 g) frame with hardware (Size 3, no shock)
  • Fork travel: 160 - 180 mm
  • Shock size: 230 x 65 mm
  • Shock hardware: 8x20 (f), 8x35(r)
  • Seatpost: 30.9 mm with stealth dropper routing
  • Seatpost clamp: 37 mm (included with frame)
  • Max seatpost insertion: See Dropper Fitment Guide
  • Chainguide mount: ISCG05
  • Bottom bracket: 73 mm BSA threaded
  • Chainline: Compatible with 52 - 55 mm
  • Max chainring size: 34t
  • Rear spacing: 12 x 148 Boost rear hub, offset 3 mm to the drive side for optimal chainline and clearance
  • Derailleur hanger: Universal Syntace X-12 Type 1
  • Brake mount: ISO
  • Max tire size: 27.5" x 2.8"

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Revved Carbon Technology

Revved Carbon Technology is the bike industry’s newest and most advanced carbon fiber innovation. Covertly in development and testing for the last 3 years, Revved combines a revolutionary manufacturing process and evolved carbon fiber material to create the next generation of mountain bikes.

Compared to the leading types of traditional carbon fiber material, Revved’s material is over 300% more impact resistant, yet matches the strength and stiffness of the traditional material by sharing its continuous-fiber composition.

As mountain bikers, we live to explore trails in natural beauty, which is why it was important for us to also develop an environmentally-responsible material and manufacturing process. Revved sets a new benchmark in sustainable frame materials.

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GG Modular Frame Platform

The GG Modular Frame Platform brings a whole new meaning to the quiver-killer bike. With this platform, one bike truly can rule them all. The Modular Frame Platform features the GeoAdjust Headset, allowing you to quickly adjust your frame's reach and wheelbase by 10 mm.

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Freedom Linkage

We used our background in race car engineering to create the Freedom Linkage, a versatile platform that gives you the freedom to tune the suspension characteristics based on your local terrain and riding style. The platform works well with both air and coil shocks.

Alongside performance, our engineers design for refinement and eliminating unnecessary complication. This creates a platform that's made for goin' fast, yet is easy to maintain and built to last.

Owner's Info

View owner's manual, along with info about new bike assembly, setting sag, and frame warranty.

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