Shred Dogg - Ride Build

27.5" - 130/140mm
Shred Dogg - Ride (Quick Ship)
Shred Dogg - Ride (Quick Ship)
Shred Dogg - Ride (Quick Ship)
Shred Dogg - Ride (Quick Ship)
Shred Dogg - Ride (Quick Ship)
Ship Time: 1 Week
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This is the bike that turns your local trail into your very own pump track. Built on an exceptionally lively platform, the Shred Dogg values playfulness and maneuverability. This bike is perfect for the rider that wants to hit every bonus feature along the way.

The bike features 130 mm of travel in Trail Mode and 140 mm in Gravity Mode. Trail Mode is optimized for smoother, flow trails with Gravity Mode ready for when the going gets rough.

"It’s just so quick. So fun. And it likes to jump.

- Beta MTB

"The frames ride as good as they look, and have an unmatched attention to detail with a focus on easy maintenance and a rider centric design ethos.

- Loam Wolf

Proudly Made In Colorado

All GG Frames are made in-house, right here in Denver, custom made, just for you.

Future Proof Your Ride

The signature Modular Frame Kits mean you can adjust between travel, wheelsize and chainstay length as your riding evolves.

Fine Tune The Fit

In just a minute, swap between long and short mode and the Geo Adjust Headset. Personalized fit and optimized handling.