Revved Sizing Guide


One size does not fit all

With all of the other changes coming out in 2019, we took the chance to resize a lot of our models and create a standalone fit system. Using number-based sizes means that nobody will come to GG with preconceived notions of how anyone else would fit them to a bike, and our new sizing configurator will recommend the best fit for your riding style. Below are a few notes about our Revved™ frame sizing:

Riding Styles:

  • All-Around: You want a balanced bike that can slap corners, bobbing and weaving down the trail.
  • Full-Throttle: You want the fastest bike in the world, even if you use more body language in tight corners

GeoAdjust Headset:

  • Offers 10 mm of reach and wheelbase adjustment to fine tune your fit and handling.
  • Two different lower cups are available to compensate for wheel size or fine tune stack and BB height.
    • 29” bikes will use the 0 mm lower cup
    • 27.5” bikes will use the 15 mm lower cup

Standover height:

  • For 2019, functional standover height was reduced across the board.
  • On the new geo charts we changed the way we measured standover height to reflect a more realistic measurement of how you will stand over the top tube, in front of the saddle.
  • This means that the standover height looks higher than on older bikes when in fact it’s much lower, and almost the same across all the frame sizes.
  • Speaking of being the same across all frame sizes, seattube heights have been reduced on all models to allow for use of long travel dropper posts. Most riders will now be able to run between a 150-170 mm dropper post.

2018 to 2019 Fit Comparison:

If you’re really comfortable on your older GG bike but interested in getting onto a Revved bike, the table below shows the closest match to your frame size. If you have any questions, feel free to consult the sizing configurator on our website or contact us by phone or email.

2018 Size 2019 Size,
GeoAdjust Headset position
Extra-Small (XS) S1, Short
Small (S) S2, Short
Medium (M) S3, Short
Large (L) S4, Short
Extra-Large (XL) S4, Long
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