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Hey ladies!

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This is a shout out to all girls that like riding bikes, whether you're shredding the gnar every day or just starting out. Do you find yourself mostly riding with guy friends? Not that guys aren't great and all ;) BUT, wouldn't it be great to find other like-minded shredtastic ladies?

After some head scratching, asking what is missing in the ladies riding community, and getting input from a few girlfriends: We agree that what is needed is a community that makes mountain biking more inclusive, fun, and supportive for the ladies. Inspired by the Riot Grrrl movement of punk punk, let's bring ladies to the front in mountain biking!

Here at Guerrilla Gravity, our mantra is to make mountain biking more awesome for everyone--and that includes ladies! So as we build the movement and get other ladies involved, I encourage you to give me a shout! Whether you want to go ride, want to be a Ride It Girrrl ambassador, or just have an idea, I want to hear from you!

See ya on the dirt,
Kristy A (Kristy@RideGG.com)

Ride It Grrrl Overview:

  • Building an inclusive, welcoming community that brings #GirlsToTheFront
  • Hosting community events, from group rides to skills clinics to maintenance classes
  • Making mountain biking more awesome, for everyone

Ride It Grrrl Events

Mar. 24th

Ride It Grrrl: Broomfield Bike Park Skills Day

Time to dust off your bike and hit some warm up laps with the rest of the Ride It Grrrls out at Broomfield Bike Park. This park is a favorite due to its shorter runs and variety of features to session. We'll warm up on the pump track and work our way through the different features on each of the jump lines. Never ridden a bike park? No problem, there's something for everyone to enjoy out there.

More info can be found HERE.

  • Location: Broomfield Bike Park, Broomfield, CO
  • April 20th

    Ride It Grrrl: Colorado Springs Group Ride

    Gather up all of your Grrrlfriends and come on down to ride our favorite trails in Colorado Springs. We'll meet at the GG Shredquarters and caravan down to the trailhead. Be prepared for a 10-15 mile long no-drop ride with a ton of proper descending. We'll head over to Trail's End Taproom for refreshments afterwards.

  • Location: Red Rocks Open Space, Colorado Springs, CO
  • May 18th

    Ride It Grrrl: Valmont Bike Park Party Laps

    We’re taking the Grrrls back to the park for another skills progression day. Valmont Bike Park has a ton of different options to develop confidence and comfort on your bike. Denver Grrrls will meet at the Shredquarters and caravan up to Boulder. Stick around afterwards as we head out for beverages and snacks.

  • Location: Valmont Bike Park, Boulder, CO