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Bike park season is just around the corner, and we’re all getting ready to move over to harder-hitting setups so we can stay in the game for just one more lap. Our bikes are made for goin’ fast and designed for rallying the biggest descents you can find, whether by chairlift or shuttle vehicle. Every one of our builds can be optimized for big gravity trips, and we’re here to help you get ready for The Good, the Rad, and the Gnarly--or whatever bike park is on your list!

Rubber Side Down:
Traction, protection, and confidence. Here’s the scoop on all-things tires for your next gravity day.
  • Don’t be shy about running the knobbiest tire you can find.
    • Bike park trails are often loose and dusty so we like running the classic Minion DHF and Minion DHR II combo in the big 2.4-2.5” widths.
    • Extra dusty? Try a Shorty on the front to punch through the powder
    • Like to get drifty? The High Roller II is a favorite rear tire in the park due to the spectacular drifts you can pull off.
  • If you’re not pedaling uphill (or just want to get stronger), run a heavier tire.
    • DH-Casing tires are designed to handle the repeated impacts you’ll find on the gnarlier trails in the park. We’re able to order DH-Casing tires for 26” (we know you’re still out there), 27.5”, and 29” bikes now.
    • If you normally run EXO tires, even stepping up to a DoubleDown tire will offer increased support and protection. Double Down is Maxxis’s “in between” casing between their EXO and a full-DH options.
    • Detail points: you can run two different casings front and rear. For example, pair DoubleDown casing on the front with a DH casing on the rear. The rear tire and wheel is going to take more abuse, so beef up protection there first.
Playing with Pool Noodles*:
If you’re not looking to upgrade your tires for the park, a tire insert will do wonders for support and rim protection. They really are the most fun you can have with a pool noodle* on dry land.
  • Huck Norris is a great option to save your rims on hard bottom-out hits over those pointy sniper rocks.
  • Cushcore offers even more protection since it supports your sidewalls in hard cornering and secures the bead against the rim (save those burps until you’ve had a few sudsy sodas). Cushcore also improves the tire’s damping, which creates a more supple feel over rocky and loose terrain. And yes, these are a b*tch to install your first time--fair warning. We’ll do you one better and install them for you on all new bike builds.
* Please note that tire inserts are not approved for pool-noodle usage and similarly, pool noodles make for shitty tire inserts.

Braking the Law:
Higher speeds in the bike park mean that you’ll want heavy duty brakes. Once you start pairing higher speeds with the heavier wheel and tire combo, you’ll benefit from a better brake setup to pull you out of warp speed.
If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your brakes, now’s a good time to do it. Which brakes could be the right upgrade could have it’s own article, so just hit us up and we can help you decide.

  • Metal isn’t just for bike frames and headbanging. Metallic pads are a bit noisier than resin pads but much more durable on gravity days. And bringing an extra set of brake pads is a good choice when doing any trips to the bike park.
  • If you don’t already have a 200mm rotor on the front, it’s a good idea for gravity days.
Time for an upgrade?? Well good news, we’ve got whatchya need! If you’re a GG Rider, hit us up for a special Rider Program discount. Email Bikes@RideGG.com
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