The Fastest Bikes of the Golden GiddyUp


Last weekend hundreds of mountain bikers descended into Golden, Colorado for the third annual Golden GiddyUp. The GiddyUp is half MTB festival, half enduro, and an all-day celebration of the outstanding partnership between the mountain biking community and Jefferson County Open Space. Anyways, enough with the history lesson and onto showcasing the fastest bikes of the day.

Chief Enginerd Matt G with his coil-equipped The Smash. Chief Enginerd Matt G with his coil-equipped The Smash. Matt has been testing different tires all season and ran a Maxxis Minion DHF up front paired with a Vittoria Martello out back in order to make the climb up Chimney Gulch a little more manageable.

Aaron C with the very first production Megatrail. It's always so rad to see this bike still out and being ridden hard. The only thing Aaron changed from his normal trail setup was taping a tire plug kit to his handlebars.

Alex B and his coil-equipped The Smash and custom build kit. Alex ran a semi-slick tire on the rear to shave time on the climbing stages. Smart choice going downhill too since he bested his previous time on the Enchanted Forest and Apex descent by a whole minute compared to last year's race!

Wes G on The Smash with matching Fox 36 fork and DPX2 shock. Wes picked up his new bike at the beginning of August and didn't need to change a thing to make it race-ready.

John W on our coil-equipped The Smash demo bike. John swapped out the grips and saddle to his preference for the big day and was stoked to test the bike at a race-pace on his hometown trails.

Moose on his 27.5+ Trail Pistola. He considered an air-shock to save weight on the big climbs but returned to his standard coil shock after one run down Enchanted Forest last week. He did however switch out his party pedals for clipless on race day.

Marlo J on her Megatrail. She hasn't changed a thing on her bike since picking it up in June.

John R on his OG Megatrail. John's been keeping his bike in tip-top shape since May 2015 and ran his normal trail setup for the race.

Andrew D on his Pedalhead. Carrying momentum from his "Pedalhead Partier Podium" at The Good, the Rad, and the Gnarly, Andrew summed up his winning strategy as "DH tires, DH brakes, DH wheels, give’er hell."

Brian F on his Shred Dogg. Brian stuck with his tried and true tire and suspension setup for the trails he rides regularly.

Rodrigo V on his OG Megatrail. Full-on Colorado build with the MRP Stage fork, DT Swiss wheels, on a Made-in-Colorado Megatrail.

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