Behind the Names


It’s no secret that our passion for goin’ fast developed from a youth spent head banging at metal shows and slamming into other sweaty bodies at basement punk shows. And it still doesn’t take much arm twisting to convince any of us to check out a touring band or Denver’s finest rock and roll. As much as we’d like to make obscure references to our local heroes, we’ll have to wait until they’re national names that inspire courage to jump out of your seat and into the pit, before adorning a twisted-up version of their name on the side of the best mountain bikes made in Colorado.

A lot of you understand the music references we litter throughout our bike names. For those that don't, this article will bring you up to speed. Below are some of the songs that inspired each of our bike model names and we hope you’re able to crank them up to celebrate new bike day!


Random bike industry trivia: Chief Enginerd Matt is the only MTB engineer (that we know of) that can shred Peace Sells from start to finish on the electric guitar. And he proved it at the 2019 Megacookout. Like CBGBs ‘77, you just had to be there.

Honorable Mention - Holy Wars

The Smash

“And he knows what he likes to do, he knows he's gonna have fun with you.” It really doesn’t get any better than this for getting excited about the first ride on your new bike, complete with all the whoas and whoa-oh-ohs that you’ll be screaming as you slap every turn on your maiden ride.

Honorable Mention - Brand New Cadillac

Trail Pistol

Mountain biking is something a lot of us do to clear our heads and live in the moment. Sid Vicious describes this freedom of living in the moment with Pretty Vacant and we encourage you to crank it up and embrace the vacancy.

Honorable Mention - No Feelings


Like Lemmy Kilmister (RIP), hardtails are the kind of bikes you expect to live forever despite all odds. Embodying the go fast don’t die lifestyle, Lemmy never slowed down and never compromised on his convictions.

Honorable Mention - Overkill

Shred Dogg

Keep it low but no need to keep it slow with Snoop on the stereo. His Cali grooves set the tone for makin’ moves on the trail. Be sure to hit the Bass Boost button on your ghettoblaster for the ultimate SoCal shred experience.

Honorable Mention - Brake Fluid (Pump Yo Brakes)

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