Trail Pistol Owner Info

Suspension Setup

Proper suspension set-up is critical for optimum performance. Due to variance in shock pump readings, we suggest using a ruler and a friend to help set sag.

Recommended front fork sag is 15%. Recommended shock sag is 25% with two volume spacers and 27% with three volume spacers.

To set sag:

  • Step 1: Compress the suspension several times to break the seal and get oil flowing
  • Step 2: Have a friend hold the bike while you sit on it in the climbing position, both feet on the pedals
  • Step 3: Have said friend move the fork o-ring down to the seal and the shock o-ring to the front of the air can
  • Step 4: Gently step off the bike and measure the distance between the o-ring and the seal and air can. This is your sag
  • Step 5: Adjust the air pressure using your shock pump to achieve the recommended sag setting (listed above). It may take a few times.

Owner's Manual

Click here to download the Trail Pistol owner's manual.


We try to cover our most frequently asked questions here, but if you have further questions, don't hesitate to shoot us an email or give us a call.

Access Crush Mode using the upper rear shock hole location, this mode is optimized for going as fast as possible on 29” wheels; this mode has a more slack head angle and more bottom out resistance in the rear suspension. 27.5+ wheels can be used in Crush Mode for aggressive riding on the wider tires with a lower bottom bracket height.

Plush Mode utilizes the lower rear shock hole location and is optimized for 27.5+ wheels, as they have a slightly smaller diameter than 29ers and are most often used for less aggressive riding. This mode brings the bottom bracket height up to the same height as a 29er in Crush Mode, steepens the head angle 0.8o and tunes the suspension for less aggressive riding. 29” wheels can be used in Plush Mode for those looking for faster steering and more pedal clearance.

You can run up to a 140 mm fork, or any fork with a 551 mm axle-to-crown height.
Probably not. The Trail Pistol uses a 55 mm chainline, which is typically achieved with the following crank configurations: Race Face Cinch rings flipped, Race Face Plus spindles (143 mm), or a 0 mm offset ring on a 52 mm chainline SRAM crankset. For full details, please see the owner's manual.