We've got some good news!

We've worked with our friends at fellow Colorado bike company, Canfield Bikes, to make sure frame and service parts are available while supplies last. They won’t be selling GG bikes, but hopefully you’ll be able to get what you need to keep rolling as long as possible.

We're handing our remaining inventory off to them and it’s available for purchase now at CanfieldBikes.com (sounds like they will be shipping starting mid-December).


Our very own Tyler joined their team back in September in a sales/customer service role as well, so you’ll be in good hands with someone who knows the GG brand and products.

You can reach him at RideGG@CanfieldBikes.com.

Canfield’s been in the game building rad bikes since the late ‘90s, so when the time comes to retire your beloved GG (hopefully not too soon), they are definitely worth a look for your next ride!

Thanks to everyone who has ridden our bikes or supported us in any way. You’ve made this journey an unforgettable experience and we appreciate you all.

-Guerrilla Gravity