Bringing new meaning to the "Quiver-Killer" Bike

We build our bikes to last, and part of that is having them be able to evolve with you. Thanks to our Modular Frame Platform, our bikes have limitless potential, just like your riding.

Modular Frame Kits allow you to transform your ride from a singletrack flier to an enduro beast. We like to call this “future-proofing” your ride.

The GeoAdjust Headset, designed and manufactured in house, allows you to fine tune your fit by adjusting the reach on your bike. With all of these options our bikes are as varied as the terrain you ride them on.

modular frame platform features

modular frame kits

The Guerrilla Gravity Modular Frame Platform brings new meaning to the quiver-killer bike. Using the unified front triangle, riders can convert their bike to another model with our Modular Frame Kits. Combined with a few select components, riders can optimize their bike for terrain, ride style, or current kits.

geoadjust headset

The first key feature to the Modular Frame Platform is a unified front triangle with its GeoAdjust Headset. With the GeoAdjust Headset you can quickly and easily adjust the reach and wheelbase of your frame by 10 mm. This allows you to dial in your frame’s fit based on your unique dimensions, as well optimizing the handling for your local terrain.

Where did the idea come from?

The design inspiration behind the Modular Frame Platform comes from our engineers’ background in race car design. Race teams typically have one primary vehicle equipped with a toolbox full of tuning options that allows them to optimize the the ride height, frame geometry, and leverage ratios in order to set the fastest lap times on any given track. This type of adjustment initially inspired our binary Plush / Crush and Trail / Gravity modes, but now we've taken the level of tune-ability to the next level thanks to the new Modular Frame Platform.

why go modular?

- Allows you to transform your ride into a different bike without incurring the cost of a brand new bike

- Allows your bike to grow with you as your riding style and preferences develop

- You can fine tune the fit of your bike to your riding style and local terrain with the GeoAdjust Headset

- The GeoAdjust headset also allows you to optimize your ride for races by extending or shortening your reach