From the same team of mad scientists that brought you the Modular Frame Platform of full-suspension bikes comes the Municipal Haste, our new category-defying townhill bike.

Municipal Haste 3/4 view

Municipal Haste was born to party and encourages rowdy riding straight out of your front door. And if you’re saying to yourself, “This looks just like a Pedalhead with an old road bike group on it,” you should finish your drink and take another look, because that’s the only way you’ll be seeing double chainrings on this path-thrashin’ machine.

Municipal Haste Made in Colorado seat tube badge

What were we thinking?

If you’ve ever eyed a loading dock drop or 6-stair gap on your way to the dive bar, the Municipal Haste is there as your own personal beer-pressure support system. Think of it as your own little shotgun-riding devil, pointing out every curb-cut huck or speed bump jump. Embrace every two-wheeled bad decision with gleeful abandon and an adolescent disregard for safety.

Municipal Haste drop bars

The Secret Menu Grows Bigger

The Municipal Haste has some big shoes to fill given our rich history of Secret Menu mutations made possible by various combinations of shocks, wheels, and Seatstay Tuning Kits on their Modular Frame Platform.

You may have heard of our MegaSmash mullet-thrasher or Pistola sniper-line-finder. When assembling these wild mutants, we encourage you to customize your new bike and put together the ultimate expression of who you want to be as a bike, personified. Or you put on your pirate’s cap and eyepatch before going on a treasure hunt, raiding your roadie friends’ old components to build your own Municipal Haste from the frameset up.

I like goin' fast badge

April Fool's!

While some of you think this is an elaborate April Fool’s joke,spin the dial back to April 1, 2017 when the Shred Dogg was first announced with our game changing ideas like Laid Back™ geometry and Ass Drop™ technology. Three years later, it’s one of our most popular bikes!

We’re so convinced that you’ll have 11% better shreds that we are now offering 11% off all Municipal Haste frames and complete bikes, plus free shipping inside the US and Canada. Framesets and complete bikes are shipping within 4 weeks, customized to your component specifications.

Build your own Municipal Haste

Learn more about the Modular Frame Platform

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