We sent some GG’s out for a grand adventure last month in the Southern Utah desert.

It all started when photographers Scott Cody and Mike Cartier pitched us a wild idea: a mountain bike trip to ride the narrow Slot Canyons of Utah and in turn, get some pretty epic photos. Our response? “Let’s do it.” 

While the concept might sound simple at first glance, the logistics of getting into, shooting, and riding a slot canyon are no easy feat. You need a strong affinity for “type II” fun. 

Beyond just getting there, some pretty technical riding skills are needed (as demonstrated below) to navigate through narrow canyon walls and down steep spines of the desert “mountains”.

And while we couldn’t join them on the trip, we were able to relive the adventure through the incredible moments they captured…

It may look like they’re riding on a different planet, but this all took place only a mere 7 hours from the GG HQ. We’re lucky to have an incredible amount of varied MTB terrain within a day's drive from the Rocky Mountains.

There's perfect singletrack hidden between the narrow canyon walls, and it turns out the riding is pretty good down there!

The sun may have set on this trip, but Cody, Cartier, and crew are already planning their next canyon adventure to continue exploring the limitless possibilities of the Utah Desert.