What is Revved?

Revved Carbon Technology is the bike industry’s newest and most advanced carbon fiber innovation. Covertly in development and testing for 3 years, Revved combines a revolutionary, patented manufacturing process and the next evolution carbon fiber material to create a new generation of mountain bikes.

Guerrilla Gravity envisions a world where carbon fiber performance isn’t a badge of exclusivity but a welcome invitation to every one of you that wants to ride harder.

Where did the idea come from?

Over the years, riders have chosen Guerrilla Gravity bikes for many reasons, notably the durability, customizability, and cost advantage provided by our aluminum and steel manufacturing. We’ve heard the concerns about carbon fiber bikes, with our riders being drawn to the weight and stiffness advantages of carbon but not willing to give up a tough, Made-in-America mountain bike.

So we decided to ask the question... is there a way to design and manufacture a mountain bike that blends the best qualities of aluminum and steel with the best qualities of carbon? With the team at Revved Industries, we identified three requirements:

  1. Toughness. After all, what good is a bike you’re afraid to shred on?
  2. Cost. This sport is expensive enough as it is, and we don’t want to contribute to pricing riders out of badass bikes.
  3. Made in America. Because it matters.

How does it compare to traditional carbon fiber?

Compared to the leading types of traditional carbon fiber material, Revved’s material is over 300% more impact resistant, yet matches the strength and stiffness of the traditional material by sharing its continuous-fiber composition. It is part of a new family of materials at the leading edge of aerospace manufacturing. These materials are quickly gaining adoption for use in high-profile projects, most notably within a significant portion of the structural components of Boeing’s 787.

The same way we’re stoked to see our first-generation bikes still being thrashed on trails, the increased toughness and fatigue life of each Revved frame will help ensure that your mountain bike is something you’ll be able to pass on to your children.

Colorado-tough technology:

  • Impact resistance is greatly increased compared to traditional carbon, even before installing the downtube protector.
  • Revved frames are able to use a powder coat finish that is more durable than the wet-paint finish of traditional carbon frames 

How is it made?

The Revved production line is unlike anything you’ll see at another carbon fiber factory—overseas, or in the USA. It’s a new, ground-up process that required significant infrastructure investments in order to make cutting-edge tooling and establish lean manufacturing capabilities. The result is a new level of efficiency that has enabled dramatically increased capacity, getting more riders on trails faster.

American-made ingenuity:

  • Automated fiber placement reduces labor time by approximately 80% while also ensuring quality consistency from one frame to the next.
  • These consistency improvements eliminate the defects that occur with traditional carbon fiber during the initial hand-layup process (due to human error).
  • Unlike traditional carbon frames that are cured in a 2–4 hour cycle, Revved frames are fused during a 30-minute cycle.
  • With a nearly perfect post-mold surface finish, 90% less sanding and finishing work is needed compared to the traditional carbon fiber manufacturing process.

How many more trees are hugged?

As mountain bikers who live to explore trails in natural beauty, we are committed to being stewards of our land, trails, and the environment. That's why it was so important for us to use an environmentally-responsible material and manufacturing process.

Key “green” advantages of Revved vs traditional carbon fiber:

  • The material is economical to recycle.
  • None of our waste is put into the ocean (duh, we live in Colorado).
  • The material is safe for handling during the layup process.
  • 90% less sanding and finishing work is needed, minimizing air particulates.
  • Powder coating does not emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) like wet paint.
  • Working conditions are A-OK (after-work beers, anyone?)
  • Short supply chain dramatically reduces the carbon footprint—even the raw material is made in the US!

Best of all, these key "green" advantages also result in keeping manufacturing processes efficient and lean. The resulting cost savings are passed on to our riders making carbon fiber frames more attainable (and stronger) than ever before.

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