If your New Year's resolutions are to be lighter, stronger, faster, then GG is here to help.

GG has launched the latest addition to the Modular Frame Platform: Revved Rear Triangle Kits. 

GG Trail Pistol Revved Rear Triangle Kit

The new kit allows riders on all bikes built on the Modular Frame Platform an upgrade option to add the Fully Revved Trail Pistol to their quiver.

The Modular Frame Platform is the backbone of our bikes. Each model has been built on the platform allowing you to easily transform your bike to accommodate varied riding styles and terrain. With this newest addition, you can now experience the benefits of riding Fully Revved.

Revved Carbon redefines the relationship between weight and durability allowing you to experience the best of both worlds. The Rear Triangle Kit can transform any of our models into a Fully Revved Trail Pistol, for a lighter-weight singletrack flyer. 

Fully Revved Trail Pistol Rear Triangle Kit specs:

  • 120 mm of travel via a 50mm stroke shock
  • Up to 300 grams of weight savings vs GG’s alloy rear triangle options
  • The durability of Revved Carbon (300% tougher than traditional carbon)
  • Improved power transfer, thanks to 50% increase in torsional stiffness
  • The potential to keep up with Yoann (but not guaranteed) 

The Modular Frame Platform reinvents the idea of “n+1.” A bike that can evolve with you, extending the lifespan and versatility of your quiver without taking up space on the bike rack (or your credit card bill). With the addition of the Rear Triangle Kits, you get Revved durability from front to rear. Coupled with the sustainability of a short supply chain (shoutout to our production team in Denver, CO) and recyclable material, your carbon “tread-print” is headed in the right direction.

Framemaker Guerrilla Gravity

The rear triangle comes pre-assembled straight out of the Colorado manufacturing facility, making the DIY upgrade easier than assembling an IKEA nightstand. After all, less time in the garage equals more on the trail. 

The kit includes everything needed for a quick swap (e.g. axle, derailleur hanger, cable ties). With GG’s custom online builders, riders can select any component they need for their new short-travel setup (e.g. fork, wheels, cassette). Everything will arrive at your doorstep in what may be the smallest “new bike” box ever. 


All you need for the swap is a few tools, a bike stand, and a beer in hand (last step optional). Or you can drop it off at your local bike shop and spend the free time scoping out some new singletrack to fly down.

If you choose the route of an at-home install, we put this video together to help guide you through it.

So, for the carbon curious, grab a kit and experience riding Fully Revved.

Revved Rear Triangle Kits start at $1195 with additional component options available. 

With some of the shortest lead times in the industry, the kits ship just as fast as our bikes - only 1-2 weeks.