In keeping with Colorado-built components and made-in-America parts, we’re proud to offer a diverse lineup of DT Swiss and Industry Nine wheels. DT Swiss assembles all of their wheels at their facilities in Grand Junction, CO (hint-hint, these pair well with MRP or PUSH suspension for a Colorado-focused build). Industry Nine machines their Hydra hubs and spokes at their factory in Asheville, NC for a truly made-in-America wheelset. With four standard options we’re able to work with each individual rider on the wheels that suit their budget and riding style.

MTB Wheel Specifics:

There are a few features to look for when thinking about upgrading your wheels:

  • Rim width changes tire profile and support. We start with 30 mm inner rim width by default, which works for 2.3 - 2.6” tires and offer 35 mm inner rim width options for 2.5 - 2.8” tires.
  • Hub engagement: This is typically measured in degrees (fewer is better) or points of engagement (greater is better). Higher engagement means that the hub will respond faster when you start pedaling or ratcheting through technical terrain.
  • Spoke count: More spokes makes a stronger wheel but we’ve been really impressed with the strength of modern 28 spoke wheels which weigh around 20 g less than a comparable 32 spoke wheel.
  • Weight: Rotating weight is felt when accelerating, and rims are a great place to reduce weight if it’s in your budget. Lightweight stiff wheels can really add some snap to your pedal strokes.

The Workhorse: DT Swiss M1900

  • Standard issue on the Ride 2 build
  • Uses the DT Swiss 370 hub with a proven 3-pawl drive system and 24 points of engagement

The Upgrade: Stan's Arch MK3 or Flow MK3

  • Standard issue on the Rally build
  • Uses the Stan's Neo hub for 36 points of engagement
  • Compared to the M1900: Around 200 g lighter, stiffer, more dent resistant rims, and higher hub engagement

The Bling Bling: Industry Nine Trail 270, Enduro 305, or Backcountry 360

  • Uses the Industry Nine Hydra System hubs and straight-pull spokes for an incredibly stiff, strong, and lightweight wheel
  • Industry Nine hubs have 690 points of engagement and a very recognizable sound
  • Enduro 305 rims are 30.5 mm inner width compatible with 2.3 - 2.6” tires, Trail 270 rims are 27 mm inner width optimizing for 2.3 - 2.4” tires, and you guessed it, the Backcountry 360 inner rim width is 36 mm and optimized for 2.5 - 2.8” tires.
  • Endless customization with colored spokes, hubs, and valves (hit us up to customize yours!)
  • Compared to the DT Swiss wheels: Increased engagement with one-of-a-kind looks and similar weight