The Singletrack Flyer

trail pistol

Trail Pistol

Trail | Travel: 120mm | Wheelsize: 29"

The Trail Pistol is the singletrack flyer. It's quick and nimble, but with enough grit to handle the chunk when things get more technical.

The Trail Pistol is Fully Revved from front to rear, rendering it 300 grams lighter and 50% stiffer vs our alloy rear triangles. Lightweight construction paired with aggressive geometry creates an efficient pedaling platform on the way up, that will surprise you on the way down. 

2019+ Trail Pistol Owner's Manual

Made in Colorado

All GG Frames are designed and manufactured in-house here in Colorado. Made for the rugged Rocky Mountains, so you know they’re tough enough for anywhere.

geoadjust headset

Get a personalized fit with our proprietary headset system. Adjust the reach and wheelbase by 10mm for optimized handling and bike fit.

Revved Carbon

"The bike industry’s most advanced carbon fiber innovation. This patented technology is 300% tougher, improves ride quality, and allows for a more sustainable finishing process."