Dropper Fitment Guide


With the GG Modular Frame Platform, riders have more freedom than ever to run the dropper post length of their choosing. Below you’ll find details on selecting the dropper post length that will work with your body measurements (scroll down for a reference to use your existing bike).

Just want to go ride? Here’s your quick cheat sheet of the general recommendation based off your pants inseam:

* Using your pants inseam is the least precise way to measure your dropper post fitment. This will get you in the ballpark of what may fit but isn’t as accurate as measuring your saddle height. So, if you’re on the edge of the inseam recommended for your desired dropper travel, opt for the more precise way.

The most precise way to measure your dropper post fitment Is by using your existing bike:

1. Use the Fit Calculator to find the correct sized frame for your height and riding style.

2. Grab your tape measure and your old bike.

3. Measure the straight-line distance from the center of the bottom bracket to the saddle rails (not the top of the saddle), write this number down.

4. Compare this measurement to the charts below to see which dropper will fit best.

Everyone has different fit preferences and things like your pedal choice, crank length, and physiology can heavily affect saddle height and dropper post fitment. If you’re on the razor’s edge for any of these measurements, get in touch with us so we can confirm fitment on your new bike.