Following other pioneers in American manufacturing, we launched Revved with any color you want–as long as it's black. However, our capacity and capabilities have expanded over the last few years, and it’s time to give the people what they want: frame colors. Our team sifted through countless samples to decide on the colors we feel best capture the spirit of their bike model. Check them out below…


yolo merlot

This color was cherry-picked by Yoann, so we gave it a nod to his life philosophy and love of French wine. The color is rich with a smooth finish. Subtle gold flakes pop through when the sun hits the frame just right. This setup is best paired with fall-line loamers and ledgy rock rolls.

The Smash


Inspired by the sandstone rock slabs, endless miles of trail, and rugged scenery of the American West. The Dune colorway pays homage to the desert riding where we push ourselves and challenge our skills, making it the perfect match for our ready-for-anything bike: The Smash.

trail pistol

blue steel

A familiar blue hue with a steely undertone, there's more to this color than just being ridiculously good-looking. To us, this color represents the wide-open blue sky above an endless ribbon of sweet singletrack. Get your look on and find your flow state!


powder coating

All of these colors are powder coated in-house alongside our standard Stealth color. Compared to traditional carbon, Revved Carbon allows for a more sustainable finishing method. Powder coat eliminates the smog forming VOCs emitted by the solvents in wet paint. Powder coating also provides a tough, scratch-resistant finish, which is just another way we build our bikes to last.