The Guerrilla Gravity R&D team has been working behind the scenes to bring riders some long-awaited updates. With immediate availability GG is releasing the next generation Gnarvana, featuring Revved Carbon swingarm and new frame color.

Why the Gnarvana? With riders like Yoann pushing the limits, we wanted to ensure that they are on the stiffest, strongest setup possible. Yoann has been riding and testing this configuration for over a year with great success. We figure if it’s tough enough for Yoann, it’s tough enough for everyone.

Riders will notice snappier handling due to a 50% increase in lateral stiffness vs the alloy swingarm. This combines with an improved ride quality thanks to Revved Carbon’s unique vibration damping properties. All of this while saving 90 grams.

We took ride feedback from Yoann to evolve the kinematics to be slightly softer off the top, with more ramp up at the end of the travel. The geometry is unchanged, as we agreed it’s spot on for the intended use. 

"We now have a bike that's more dynamic, more rigid on the rear end but still offers quite a lot of forgiveness when it gets super rough. The improved suspension curve gives you the feeling of never bottoming out, and trust me, over the past year of testing, I have put some serious hits on this thing...the Gnarvana is the ultimate bike to do it all, this machine is fast, forgiving, and inspires confidence."


SRAM’s Universal Derailleur Hanger (UDH)

Get optimized shifting performance and a sensible solution for replacing damaged hangers.

External brake hose clip system

Say goodbye to zip ties directly on our frame, and hello to a better solution.

A 0 millimeter wheel dish

Gone is the 3 mm dish of the first gen Gnarvana. This change makes wheel swaps quick and easy.

Molded rubber protector

Custom designed protector with a recessed fit gives riders additional clearance between the crank arm and protector, which helps prevents catching or edge peel.

Pivot bushings

(Where they make sense)

To create an even stiffer interface, the updated Gnarvana swingarm pivot switches from ball bearings to proven IGUS bushings for lighter weight, better fit, and a longer service life.

Internal swingarm cable routing

Feed the derailleur cable into the front of the swingarm, and it exits at the other end for a clean aesthetic.

This update continues to build out our Modular Frame Platform, which brings new meaning to the “quiver-killer” bike. Using one unified front triangle, riders can convert their bike to any of our other full suspension models with our Modular Frame Kits. Combined with a few select components, riders can optimize their bike for terrain, weight, and ride style.