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Hey ladies!

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This is a shout out to all girls that like riding bikes, whether you're shredding the gnar every day or just starting out. Do you find yourself mostly riding with guy friends? Not that guys aren't great and all ;) BUT, wouldn't it be great to find other like-minded shredtastic ladies?

After some head scratching, asking what is missing in the ladies riding community, and getting input from a few girlfriends: We agree that what is needed is a community that makes mountain biking more inclusive, fun, and supportive for the ladies. Inspired by the Riot Grrrl movement of punk punk, let's bring ladies to the front in mountain biking!

Here at Guerrilla Gravity, our mantra is to make mountain biking more awesome for everyone--and that includes ladies! So as we build the movement and get other ladies involved, I encourage you to give me a shout! Whether you want to go ride, want to be a Ride It Girrrl ambassador, or just have an idea, I want to hear from you!

See ya on the dirt,
Kristy A (Kristy@RideGG.com)

Ride It Grrrl Overview

  • Building an inclusive, welcoming community that brings #GirlsToTheFront
  • Hosting community events, from group rides to skills clinics to maintenance classes
  • Making mountain biking more awesome, for everyone

What about women's specific bikes?

At GG, we believe in individuality and building a bike that's right for the rider, regardless of gender. Use our size configurators on the bike builder pages to see the recommended setup for your height. If you'd like to know about any specific details to fit you and your style, shoot an email to our rider support team who can help put together the perfect bike for you.

2020 Ride It Grrrl Events

These event dates may change or be cancelled based on the COVID-19 situation.

  • Thursday, March 19th - Trailside Fixes and How-Tos at the Shredquarters 6:30-8:30pm (Denver)
  • Sunday, April 19th - Captain Jacks trail ride followed by lunch at Bristol Brewing (Colorado Springs)
  • Sunday, May 17th - Valmont Bike Park day followed by happy hour at Endo Brewing (Boulder)
  • Friday, June 12th - North Table Mountain trail ride followed by happy hour at New Terrain Brewing (Golden)
  • Saturday, July 11th - Keystone Bike Park day (Keystone) TBD based on Keystone reopening
  • Friday, August 14th - Floyd Hill and happy hour (Evergreen)
  • Sunday, October 18th - Floyd Hill Get Together, 3:00 PM (Evergreen) 2020 can't keep us down!