Shop Direct

Welcome to Shop Direct

Guerrilla Gravity believes that specialty independent bike shops are the lifeblood of rider experience and sport participation. The value you provide to our riders with fit, setup, and service can only be found inside your store.

GG is a small brand, producing all of our frames out of our own facility in Denver, Colorado. Each frame is custom spec'd to order from a curated list of preferred vendors. What GG offers is unique, and we are happy for quality bike shops to participate in our custom build process at a local level.

Following submission and approval, partner stores are given a simple discount code which is connected to the store's email address, so you can custom-order bikes right on our website. Simply place the order online, pay in advance, and unlock a new brand for any of your customers looking for something made for goin' fast, built to last, and manufactured right here in the USA.

Ultimately, we just want to make mountain biking more awesome, and get your riders on a bike that's dialed exactly for them.