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The Smash V2

They always say it’s important to make a good first impression, thankfully The new Smash V2 heeded that advice. The new ride kicked up some dust amongst industry experts. The general consensus: The Smash lives up to it’s name. 

They noted there are two things our all-arounder does best: climbing and descending (ya know, mountain biking!).

jonathon simonetti

vital mtb

Climbing: “The Smash V2 offered a comfortable, upright pedaling position with excellent power transfer. We had no issue spinning at a lower cadence up challenging sections or dropping the hammer at a moment's notice. The front wheel stayed planted and never wandered at lower speeds but was light enough to get up ledges when seated.” 

Descending: “The Smash V2 routinely encouraged us to find out how late we could brake into rough terrain and how fast we could exit turns”

(Photo courtesy of Vital MTB)

JJ Squires


Climbing: “The rear end remained glued to the ground on everything from lazy fire roads to technical loose-over-hard-pack sections. It (The Smash) kind of just floated up things we’d normally experience a bit of wheel spin on.”

Descending: We enjoyed the sensation of stability and were never in want of traction, even in the desert sand pits we found ourselves smashing through throughout our ride.”

(Photo courtesy of MTB Action)

Dario DiGiulio


Climbing: “The do-it-all nature of the Smash makes for a bike that's easy to spend a day on, be it on relatively tame terrain or scraping up big climbs to reach nasty descents. The pedaling performance was quietly impressive, with enough traction for janky maneuvers, but plenty of support for buff singletrack and long logging road grinds.” 

Descending: “All that reach and a longer chainstay make for a pretty sizable wheelbase, but the Smash doesn't feel too tricky in tighter terrain…you're well-positioned in the middle of the bike to get things pointed in the right direction.”


“With the Smash V2, Guerrilla Gravity successfully maintained the do-it-all mentality of its lively trail bike while improving its stability and pedaling performance. From aggressive trail riding to occasional bike park days, the Smash V2 is a well-rounded bike that will perform in just about any situation.”

- Jonathon Simonetti

The Smash V2