the ideal water bottle setup

setting up water bottles on gg bikes

All Revved frame sizes and shock configurations are designed to fit at least one water bottle with several setups allowing two bottles. We’re big fans of carrying tools and water on the bike, but your bike, your rules and there is enough flexibility to change your setup from ride to ride.

And as we’ve mentioned before, dampening makes things wet, damping controls your suspension. Let’s dig in with some ways to dampen your thirst and revisit shock dampers at a later date.

In each of these photos, we color-coded each bottle so you can tell at a glance which size will fit in each configuration

Small 550 ml bottle: Blue

Big 750 ml bottle: Green

These setups are confirmed using GG cages and bottles, which are both available directly from GG.


The Size 2 frame can fit riders down to 5’3” and Chief Enginerd maximized the amount of frame clearance to ensure that all riders would be able to fit a 550 ml bottle regardless of their shock setup.

Size 2, Shock: Inline

Top Tube Mount: 750 ml

BB Mount: 550 ml

The marathon trail setup with the lightest suspension and maximum hydration capacity for big days in the saddle. This setup will carry 1300 ml of water, or just a little over 40 oz in freedom units.

Size 2, Shock: Reservoir on Bottom

Top Tube Mount: 750 ml

BB Mount: 0 ml

The aggressive trail setup, running a reservoir air shock with clearance for the complete Frame Storage Kit. Note that most coil shocks cannot be run with the reservoir on the bottom.

Size 2, Shock: Reservoir on Top

Top Tube Mount: 0 ml

BB Mount: 550 ml

The coil shock setup. Most coil shocks on the market position the reservoir too far forward to allow the reservoir to mount on the bottom as with the DPX2. No worries, as you can still fit a 550 ml bottle in the low mount, keeping water weight as low as possible for cornering and control.


The Size 3 frame is designed to take either a 550 ml or 750 ml bottle in the top tube mount with tools mounted down low, above the BB. Some cages will allow a small bottle to fit above the BB but this setup requires some fabrication skills as the downtube is more dramatically angled compared to the other sized frames. We also do not recommend mounting the shock reservoir on the bottom with size 3 frames as there is not universal clearance for reservoirs under the shock.

Size 3, Shock: Inline

Top Tube Mount: 750 ml

BB Mount: 0 ml

With a lightweight inline shock, the size 3 frame can fit a large 750 ml water bottle, plus your flat kit mounted in a Frame Storage Bracket.

Size 3, Shock: Reservoir on Top

Top Tube Mount: 550 ml

BB Mount: 0 ml

The standard enduro setup with a reservoir shock installed. The reservoir does take up room above the shock, requiring a smaller 550 ml bottle be used.


The larger-than-life Size 4 frames will fit two bottles in any shock configuration. If you’re a big person, do your friends a solid and carry some extra water.

Size 4, Shock: Inline or Reservoir

Top Tube Mount: 750 ml

BB Mount: 550 ml

Run your pick of shock with one or two bottles depending on the length of your ride. A GG shop hack is to always keep two cages on the bike and use a tool keg to carry tools for shorter rides where you only need to carry one bottle, then on bigger rides toss your tools into your pack in order to carry more water.