Blister spent a lot of time on the Trail Pistol in 2019. Due to the flexibility of the Modular Frame Platform, we converted their review bike into The Smash with a small handful of new parts. Check out what they had to say below:

“The Smash is just a really comfortable bike to ride downhill. It’s long and slack enough to feel stable going fast through rough terrain, but not so huge that it feels unwieldy in tighter terrain. There’s enough suspension, and the suspension is good enough that I wouldn’t hesitate to tackle any trail.” - Blister on The Smash’s DH abilities and versatility.

Blister reviews The Smash

Photo Credit: Marc O'Brien 

“The Trail Pistol feels like a focused precision instrument meant for an aggressive rider who wants a very poppy, very nimble bike that’s still quite capable of being ridden hard, and is willing to give up a significant amount of compliance for it. The Smash feels like a much more versatile bike that doesn’t excel at a specific niche in quite the same way, but instead has a longer list of things that it does well.” - Blister, comparing Trail Pistol to The Smash.



The Smash on fall line trails

Photo credit: Preeta Willemann

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