Five Things to Carry on your Frame and Five Things you Shouldn't

Five Things to Carry on your Frame and Five Things you Shouldn't

Onboard Frame Storage has been a trademark GG feature since 2016. And we keep designing better ways to haul your hydration and tools on your bike instead of your back. Our Revved™ frames offer immense flexibility in how and what you’re able to carry on your bike. Our Frame Storage Kit is only the beginning of what you can carry in your Frame Storage Bracket. This is just one of the many tinkering perks of the Modular Frame Platform.

The Frame Storage Bracket is a simple accessory that bolts to one of two bottle mounts on your frame. The strap wraps around the bracket and your gear to velcro to itself. This simple system securely snugs everything in place, even in the rowdiest of terrain.

GG Frame Storage Kit

Five Things to Carry in Your Frame Storage Bracket

  1. Frame Storage Kit - Our official kit will carry a tube, tire levers, CO2 cartridge and an inflator in your Frame Storage Bracket. Or everything you need to repair a flat tire and get back to the trailhead. GG Frame Storage Bracket holding flat repair kit
  2. Rain Layer - Stuff your rain jacket into one of its own pockets and cinch it down in the strap so it’s ready to deploy in a drizzle. Carry a rain jacket
  3. Tool Roll - A lot of us running Cushcore will not carry spare tubes since you can ride a flat tire out on the insert. This means more room for other tools for the big excursions, like master link pliers, tire plugs, and more. Carry a tool roll
  4. Hammock - Embrace the chillest ride ever this summer. Fill your pack with snacks and strap a hammock into the bracket for hanging out trailside. Carry a hammock
  5. Bathing Suit and Pack Towel - Ride your bike to a lake or river, change out of your riding gear, jump in, cool off, then dry off before wrapping it up Carry a bathing suit and towel

Five Things You Shouldn’t Carry in your Frame Storage Bracket

What not to carry in your Frame Storage Bracket
  1. Carbonated Beverage - Sure it fits but do you really want to sit there tap, tap, tapping away to calm the carbonation that’s built up over a trail ride? Do not carry a soda
  2. Cocktail Shaker - Gnarnivore prefers his cocktails shaken and not stirred but who wants a hot, dusty cocktail? Do not carry a cocktail shaker
  3. Bluetooth Speaker - Sure we want to listen to the theme from Rocky on the way up and Kickstart My Heart on the way down but not everyone is going to be getting stoked from your pumped up jams. Do not carry a speaker
  4. Pastries - Long-lasting packaged pastries are an amazing snack on a long ride but their texture leads to more crumbles than tumbles when strapped into a Frame Storage Bracket. Do not carry pastries
  5. Jar’o Queso - Nachos are the perfect post-ride food but pool rules apply here, no glass containers! Do not carry glass containers

Rider’s Choice: Bean Burrito

  • Pro: Burritos are the perfect shape for a tube roll and provide the right balance of fat and carbs to fuel a long ride.
  • Con: There are better ways to motivate your friends to pass you on the climbs than to bust out a mid-ride beef&bean burrito.

Digging it? Grab a Frame Storage Bracket or Frame Storage Kit. They’ll work with any standard water bottle mounts on any bike. While you’re at it, toss in some GG swag to your order. We run limited edition jerseys, hats, beanies, hoodies and more. Shop accessories and swag here. As always, if you have any questions about an order or bike build, contact Shredquarters at or call 303-955-4163.