It’s no secret that we like goin’ fast and are willing to use any tools at our disposal to get as close as possible to the sound barrier. When initially testing 29” wheels Chief Enginerd Matt saw the potential for increased speed and control and thus the Trail Pistol was born. A year later we started seeing more durable and capable 29” rims and tires so The Smash was born and a few years after that Gnarvanacame to life.

The common thread that holds our entire Modular Frame Platform of bikes together is the confidence-inspiring ride quality and “I like goin’ fast” badge on the top tube. Make no mistake, these are all incredibly capable bikes, some are just allow a little more forgiving when pushing the limits.. So which 29” big wheeled GG bike meets your riding style, preferences, and terrain? Read further to learn which GG 29er you should ride and why.

Guerrilla Gravity Geometry Comparison

Why Trail Pistol

Trail Pistol side shot

Trail Pistol was our first 29” trail bike and remains the staff favorite for most Colorado trails. It offers a stable and responsive chassis with efficient pedaling and pumping manners. This makes it our go-to for the trails we know like the back of our hand, because we’ve already practiced our lines a thousand times before and know exactly which rock to pop off of to clear the bigger chundery lines. Run Plush Mode to set it up like a mini-enduro bike or Crush Mode to cover ground more efficiently.

Trail Pistol Plush / Crush Mode chip

It’s a true riders’ bike that won’t slow you down if you have an active riding style. Your mission is to keep your head low and look ahead to set up lines and moves. Mission accomplished means earning the bragging rights of besting longer travel bikes.

Why The Smash

Guerrilla Gravity The Smash side shot

The Smash improves offers a more plush and composed ride quality than the Trail Pistol due to its additional 25 mm of suspension travel. The extra 8 mm of chainstay length increases cornering balance at high speeds compared to the Trail Pistol. If your riding style is less about choosing lines and more about dropping your heels and hanging on through the rough stuff, The Smash will reward you by carrying momentum through chunk. Set it up in Crush Mode for a playful 145 mm travel trail bike feel or drop it into Plush Mode to keep the rear end actively tracking the ground.

Guerrilla Gravity The Smash Plus / Crush Mode chip

As the most versatile bike in our lineup, The Smash can serve many purposes to many riders. The Smash has podium-proven performance and is known around Colorado as the bike to buy if you’re a racer buying their own race bike. It’s also the most popular bike in our lineup since riders around the world can tune the suspension action via Plush and Crush Modes to set up the best ride quality for their conditions.

Why Gnarvana

Guerrilla Gravity Gnarvana side profile

Gnarvana is the new kid on the block, the spiritual successor to the Megatrail, reincarnated with 29” wheels. It’s the bike that you can pedal all day and send down any line. The mistake eraser, the trail tamer, and the most singularly focused bike in our lineup. If The Smash brought the noise, Gnarvana would be the resulting soundwave, felt more than even heard. 16 mm longer chainstays offer a stable ride at eye-watering speeds with capabilities closer to those of a downhill bike than anything else in our lineup.

Guerrilla Gravity Gnarvana seatstay

Set yourself up for speed and success on race day with Gnarvana. It’s unwavering commitment to speed will push its riders to chase glory at every opportunity, and look good doing it.

Guerrilla Gravity 29er build kit comparison

Bottom Line

If the Trail Pistol rewards an active and engaged body and mind, The Smash allows a more relaxed riding style, and Gnarvana encourages you to turn your brain off entirely. The suspension dynamics of each model are optimized for their intended purpose but every one of these bikes can be set up with a playful or planted ride with shock tuning and selection. For riders on the line between one bike and the next, think about where you want to have the most fun and how engaged you are with your bike and the trail. Chief Enginerd Matt still brags about how some of his fastest times at Angel Fire Bike Park were set testing the Trail Pistol, but rest assured, he blew away some local KOMs when testing Gnarvana prototypes.

With our Modular Frame Platform, it’s impossible to pick the wrong bike since you’re only a Seatstay Tuning Kit away from a different model. Explore our lineup and customizable build options here.

Still unsure which model is right for you? Set up a demo by contacting the Shredquarters or find a demo bike near you. You can also call or email us to chat bikes or dial in your build exactly how you want it.

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