When you build out a GG, you know you’re getting exactly what you want. We’ve all been there, buying a bike and immediately swapping the tires, brakes, or shock. We believe that you shouldn’t need to upgrade any of our bikes unless you’re just changing things up in the off-season or move somewhere with different riding conditions (in which case, the Modular Frame Platform has you covered). Every component chosen for each of our builds has been thrashed by our crew of riders around the country to make sure it’ll hold up through racing, bike park shredding, and endless miles of descending. Below are some of our favorite upgrades and as always, give us a shout if you have any questions. 

GG's Recommended Upgrades:

  • Tires - Nothing will improve your confidence more than appropriate tires. We love our Minions but there are lighter and faster options if you don’t need velcro-grip all the time. We’ll go into some tire choices in a future Dispatch.
  • Suspension - Suspension is a great place to spend your upgrade dollars since higher end suspension is lighter and more adjustable. Bonus points for being able to refresh the performance of your suspension back to new with annual service.
  • Wheels - If you’re not a wheel destroyer, spend the money on wheels that will weigh less and roll true for the life of your bike. If you are a wheel destroyer, we’re glad to install your favorite tire insert for you.

What to upgrade on a Ride build?:

The humble, but very shred-ready, base model. We built the Ride to with our favorite no-frills, high-value components that won’t ever let you down.

  • Best upgrade for the weight-conscious - Drivetrain upgrade to GX Eagle ($245). GX Eagle weighs almost .8 lbs less than NX Eagle, that’s the difference between carrying your post-ride beer with you for the whole ride or leaving it at the car.
  • Best upgrade for high-mileage riders - Wheel upgrade to the DT Swiss XM1501 ($470). This upgrade sheds 200 grams of rotating weight and upgrades the hub to the DT 240 hub and its high-engagement star-ratchet mechanism. If you’re putting in the miles, this weight reduction will help you ride farther with less effort. 

What to upgrade on a Rally build?

The right build for most riders, most of the time. On the Ride 1 we chose mid-tier components that match the performance of higher-end products but carry a bit more weight due to using less exotic materials and manufacturing techniques.

  • Best upgrade for racers - Shock upgrade to Fox DPX2 ($200). The DPX2 is incredibly lightweight and balances the playful feel of an air shock with the small-bump sensitivity you’d expect from a coil shock.
  • Best upgrade for tinkerers - Fork upgrade to the MRP Ribbon ($75) or Cane Creek Helm ($105). Both upgrades will give you more control over your fork in order to tune it for goin’ fast. Plus they’re both made in America!

What to upgrade on a Race build?

The Race build offers top-of-the-line components with no-compromise performance. While many of these parts are optimized for weight, they’re also beefed up for discerning riders putting in thousands of miles a year.

  • When you want the best of the best - Shock upgrade to the PUSH Elevensix ($635-835) for the ultimate in control and traction, tuned for your weight and riding style.
  • When you want to stand out in the crowd - Wheel upgrade to any of the Industry Nine options, color matched to your mind’s delight ($varies). The Hydra hubs offer 690 points of engagement for unreal control on technical climbs. 

Thanks to our short supply chain, we’re able to offer the latest components as soon as they’re available. So check back often because our build options are updated regularly. If you have any questions about a build or an upgrade, just give Shredquarters a call (303-955-4163) or email Bikes@RideGG.com. Want to check out the latest build options? Pick a bike, choose a size, and use the menu drop down to dial in your ride exactly how you want it. Start customizing your build here.