On-bike frame storage has been a trademark GG feature since 2016, taking a load off your back and carrying heavy tubes and tools as low as possible in the frame. With the newer Revved full-suspension frames, we decided to offer even more flexibility with our integrated frame storage. We’ve shifted the bracket from a static welded mount to a bolt-on Frame Storage Bracket that can be mounted up high or down low, depending on your shock configuration and water bottle size.

Our Frame Storage Bracket bolts up to any standard two-bolt water bottle mount. Its wide base stabilizes your flat kit and the adjustable-length strap lets you cinch it all down for security when you’re out slammin’ the chunky lines.

GG's Recommended Flat Kit:

  • Tube
  • Tire lever
  • CO2 cartridge
  • CO2 inflator head

How to load your Frame Storage Bracket:

    1. Mount the Frame Storage Bracket to your preferred mount, low (just above the BB) or high (under the top tube).
    2. Roll your tube carefully to squeeze all the air out of it. We recommend capping the valve so that the pointy end does not wear a hole in the tube or strap.
    3. Load the rolled tube into the strap.

    1. Stuff the inflator head into one of the creases in the tube underneath the tire lever.

    1. Slide the tire lever over the inflator head to hold it in place.

  1. Nestle the CO2 cartridge onto the opposite side of the tube.
  2. Cinch it all down with the strap, secure the velcro attachment.
  3. Go huck your bike down some stairs to make sure nothing rattles loose.
  4. Shred!

Additional tips:

  • With any flat tire, be sure to find the source of the flat before attempting a repair. If you have a puncture, remove the offending article before installing your tube, otherwise you’ll just puncture your fresh tube.
  • Some riders will use a smaller tube than standard to save some weight and pack it all down a little smaller. Yes you can stretch a 27.5” tube into a 29” wheel in a pinch but it can be a much larger effort when you’re in a race day rush or dealing with impatient friends (true friends always heckle the friend with flat tire).
  • Jimmy’s tip (and he’s packed more of these than anyone) is to use the rubber band that comes with your tube to hold everything together before putting it in the strap.
  • We do not recommend pre-installing the inflator head onto the cartridge as this can leak out air in the cartridge if you puncture it, leaving you stranded without a way to inflate your new tube.
  • Some riders may want to also mount a multi-tool to their Frame Storage Bracket and that’s just fine.

Click HERE to purchase a Frame Storage Bracket. If you want to make some of your other bikes a little more awesome, pick up a few spares for any bike with an extra two-bolt water bottle mount.

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