What's better than new bike day?

New bike day and  supporting the trails you ride on.


That's why we've teamed up with the Colorado Mountain Bike Association (COMBA) to make a $250 membership donation in your name when you visit our new showroom to buy your bike. 

COMBA Trail Work

‚Ā†COMBA has put a monumental effort¬†into building, maintaining, and improving the trails we know and love. You have them to thank for the directional, bike-only trails at Maryland Mountain and Floyd Hill.¬†

Their ambition doesn't stop in 2022, with plans to construct extensive new trail systems such as Virginia Mountain outside of Idaho Springs, which is projected to open this year.

Virginia County

As a primarily volunteer-run organization, the access they provide riders would be impossible without the support of the community. That's why, as a local mountain bike manufacturing company, we wanted to help make new bike day, new trail day. See all of their trail projects here.

We have a variety of in-stock bikes ready to roll (literally) out of the showroom and onto the trail. The GG team will be here to help answer any questions on our bikes or your build. Leave here with your dream ride, knowing that the bike you just purchased will help support the trails you love to ride on. 



New memberships will coincide with the IMBA membership drive allowing those memberships to also be considered for the IMBA prize drawing (details to come). If you're already a COMBA member and decide to donate/join during this event, your membership will extend for an additional 12 months and we will still donate $250 in your name.