David Golay, a seasoned reviewer from Blister Gear Review, was able to throw a leg over the 2022 Trail Pistol and see what it could do.

Golay riding the Trail Pistol

 Like GG, Blister was born from a passion for the trail. Their team is made up of outdoor enthusiasts aiming to provide honest, detailed, and accurate gear reviews. We were stoked to get them on a 2022 Trail Pistol, and get a professional run-down on what the updated bike has to offer. 

Golay has reviewed the Trail Pistol in the past, so he was able to speak to the ways the bike has evolved. The biggest and most obvious change being the Fully Revved rear triangle.

“I’ve now spent a lot of time on the new fully-Revved Trail Pistol, and my hunch was right — it’s not a wildly different bike than before, but the changes that Guerrilla Gravity made were absolutely for the better.”

While the new rear triangle takes the spotlight, Golay doesn’t overlook the difference in the details. 

“...the tweaks that Guerrilla Gravity made — chiefly, slightly longer chainstays and claimed better small-bump sensitivity — sounded like exactly what I would have aimed for if I were in charge of the update.”

Golay riding the Trail Pistol

 For a shorter-travel bike, Golay found the Trail Pistol to be in favor of fun…

“The Trail Pistol is an exceptionally fun bike on the way back down, especially for intermediate to advanced riders who are willing and able to push the bike a little bit and ride with relatively good technique."

…without sacrificing pedaling efficiency on the way up.

“The pedaling position is great, and despite the fairly short chainstays, the Trail Pistol doesn’t take much effort to keep the front wheel planted but also doesn’t feel so long and ponderous as to be a chore in tighter, more technical bits of climbing”

Overall, he found it to draw a nice compromise for the down-for-whatever-country rider.

Golay riding the trail pistol

 “If you’re a rider who wants a bike that combines a more lively ride with enough stability to push harder and go faster than those more XC-oriented 120mm bikes, the Trail Pistol makes a very strong case for itself.”

“Guerrilla Gravity has done a really nice job of making the new bike a little more sensitive off the top, without making the bike wallowy or unsupportive deeper in the travel.”

Using the same front triangle to now review four different models, Blister is no stranger to the Modular Frame Platform. They had some hesitations with the Revved Rear Triangle but found the swap to be easily achievable. 

“Everything lined up nicely and went together smoothly in doing the conversion”

They also took a look at another feature unique to our bikes, the Geo-Adjust Headset.

“We wondered if and when the Geo-Adjust headset would creak or otherwise cause headaches, and I think we can now safely lay those worries to rest. It’s been completely trouble-free.”

Blister took a deep dive into everything that makes up the 2022 Trail Pistol. We think they had a pretty good time testing it out, but don’t just take our word for it...


The 2022 Trail Pistol is available in four builds: Ride, Rally, Race, Limited Edition which ship in as little as 24 hours. Or you can fully customize your bike and get it in just 1-2 weeks.