Locke Hassett, a writer (and rider) for The Radavist, spent most of the summer showing the Trail Pistol around some of his favorite Front Range trails. 

Familiar with our Modular Frame Platform, Hassett wanted to try out a conversion for himself. The perfect opportunity arose when the V2 Gnarvana was released late this Summer. Since both bikes now feature a Revved Carbon swingarm, turning the Singletrack Flyer into an Enduro beast is as easy as 1-2-3 (or so we say). Hassett stopped by the GG HQ to find out for himself...

Man on Gnarvana

  Photo by Locke Hassett

Essentially, you can take a 120mm Trail Pistol that you ride most of the time, and, with the right parts, minimal tools, and a bit of mechanical know-how, convert it into a 160mm Gnarvana…The process is pretty straightforward, and you only need some allen keys and a torque wrench.

After completing the conversion, Hassett took the V2 Gnarvana to its preferred stomping grounds: old school, rock laden fall-line trails.

Man on GG Gnarvana 2
 Photo by Locke Hassett

This trail loses a little less than 1k’ in a little less than a mile, and is a wonderfully moto mix of loose corners, steep rock gardens, and off camber chunk. It’s rad as hell.

Here are his first impressions:

I found myself taking stupid lines that I hadn’t before thought of, and generally just plowing through everything. Turns out a 33ish pound, Horst link bike clad with a Zeb and meaty tires descends like a champ. I was less fatigued at the bottom of that descent than I have been in the past on any other bike I’ve ridden it on.

You can read the full report here.

Besides it’s limit pushing potential, the V2 Gnarvana comes with a myriad of other benefits due to the addition of the Revved Carbon swingarm: 

  • Smoother ride quality due to Revved Carbon’s unique vibration damping properties
  • 50% torsional stiffness versus Alloy swingarm
  • 90 grams of weight savings (vs alloy swingarm)

Current GG owners and the GG-curious alike now have even more options to transform their rides. This option expands the lifetime of your bike, not only due to the durability of our Revved Carbon material but also the versatility that the platform provides. You have a bike that can grow with your riding and accommodate the limitless possibilities of terrain.